Top 10 VC Funds in Alabama

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Alabama has been recognized for its innovation and acceleration in the startup ecosystem. The state of Alabama offers various programs, such as Alabama Launchpad, that help upcoming entrepreneurs start their businesses easily. VC firms and investors also assist in providing the required investment. We have compiled a list of the top 10 VC funds in Alabama to help founders and individuals involved in startups in the state.

Here's a table that summarizes the overall VC data for a quick overview:

VC Firm

Ticket Size


Founding Year

Alabama Launchpad

$25,000 - $50,000

Early, Seed


Redmont Capital

$1M - $4M

Series A


EBSCO Capital


Buyout, Add-on, Early, Late


Rizvi Traverse Management

$250K - $1M



RPM Ventures

$100K - $5M

Early, Seed


Annox Capital




Riverfront Ventures

$250K - $750K

Seed, Series A, Growth


Harbert Management Corporation

$20M - $80M



New Capital Partners

$1M - $4M

Growth, Buyout, Merger, Recapitalization 


Bronze Valley




1. Alabama Launchpad


Alabama Launchpad, part of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, backs budding businesses in the state. They help entrepreneurs succeed in Alabama by offering support, advocacy, and recognition. Whether you're just starting out or growing your business, Alabama Launchpad is here to help build a strong business community and support innovative ventures that boost the state's economy.


Founding Year: 2006

Investment Range: $25,000 - $50,000

Stage: Early, Seed

Sector: Innovative

Investment Geography: Alabama, United States

Notable Investments: SmartWIz, Cahaba Fire Company, Domestique, Monthly

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2. Redmont Capital


Redmont is a private company that helps people with their money decisions. They give advice and make plans to help clients succeed financially. Redmont focuses on each client's needs to ensure the best results.


Founding Year: 1998

Investment Range: $1M - $4M

Stage: Series A

Sector: Information Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Distribution, Business Services, Communications, Consumer Packaged Goods

Investment Geography: Southeastern United States

Notable Investments: FireRock, MacroFab, Altimmune

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3. EBSCO Capital


EBSCO Capital, which is part of EBSCO Industries, likes to invest in businesses in fields like Professional Services, Distribution, Industrial Services, and Niche Manufacturing. They aim for companies earning between $8-25 million and want to build lasting relationships with capable management teams. They're also open to investing more in their current portfolio companies, which include Bailey International, All Current, PRADCO, BISO, EBSCO Information Services, and Luxor Workspace Solutions.


Founding Year: 2001

Investment Range: Undisclosed

Stage: Buyout, Add-on, Early, Late

Sector: Healthcare, Tehnology, SaaS 

Investment Geography: United States

Notable Investments: Bailey International, All Current, PRADCO, BISO, EBSCO Information Services, Luxor Workspace Solutions

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4. Rizvi Traverse Management


Rizvi Traverse Management is a private equity investment firm founded in 2004. The firm is known for its late-stage investments in high-growth industries, particularly in the technology, e-commerce, and social media sectors. The senior team includes Suhail Rizvi, the co-founder and Chief Investment Officer, and John A. Giampetroni, the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer.


Founding Year: 2004

Investment Range: $250K - $1M

Stage: Late

Sector: High-growth industries operating in the technology, e-commerce, and social media 

Investment Geography: United States

Notable Investments: Block, Jawbone, Twitter

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5. RPM Ventures


RPM Ventures started in 2000. They invest in new businesses, especially ones that work with software, cloud computing, social media, and automotive technology. They focus mainly on areas like Silicon Valley, New York, and the Great Lakes region. They work closely with entrepreneurs to support advanced technologies in things like connected cars and transportation.


Founding Year: 2000

Investment Range: $100K - $5M

Stage: Early, Seed

Sector: B2B and B2B2C technology startups in the Fintech, Mobility, Automotive, Enterprise Software, Financial Services, Insurance, and Real Estate sectors

Investment Geography: United States

Notable Investments: SoFi, Convey, Deliv

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6. Annox Capital


This company does business differently, using innovative technology and online strategies to improve processes and experiences. They partner with a variety of businesses, from tech firms to industries like manufacturing and banking, all dedicated to innovative approaches.


Founding Year: 2013

Investment Range: Undisclosed

Stage: Growth

Sector: Tech, manufacturing, logistics, banking, healthcare, real estate

Investment Geography: United States

Notable Investments: Trullion, Hush, CoverTree

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7. Riverfront Ventures


Riverfront Ventures is a tech-focused venture capital firm located in southwestern Pennsylvania that specializes in supporting early-stage, high-growth companies. Their primary areas of interest include software, life sciences, robotics, energy, IoT, and advanced materials. They believe in the power of simplicity, achieved through thorough research, thoughtful design, and strategic planning. The goal at Riverfront Ventures is to empower startups by providing crucial funding support, assisting in the formation of effective management teams, and facilitating connections with customers, partners, and investors. Drawing on their experience, which has been shaped through years of collaboration with hundreds of entrepreneurs via their nonprofit arm, Innovation Works, they position themselves as dedicated allies in the journey of building successful businesses.


Founding Year: 2013

Investment Range: $250K - $750K

Stage: Seed, Series A, Growth

Sector: Software, Life Sciences, Robotics, Energy, IoT, Advanced Materials

Investment Geography: United States

Notable Investments: Alung, Fitt, Ikos, Maven Machines, VOCI, JazzHR

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8. Harbert Management Corporation


HMC is an investment firm that invests alongside others, showing confidence in its strategies. With over 20 years of experience, they use research to make smart investment choices across different areas. They focus on managing risk to protect capital and provide transparency through top-quality systems. HMC stays aligned with clients by investing partner capital equally.


Founding Year: 1993

Investment Range: $20M - $80M

Stage: Growth

Sector: Private equity and venture capital markets, real estate, mezzanine debt

Investment Geography: Northeast, United States 

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9. New Capital Partners


New Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on fostering strong partnerships with management teams and investing in high-growth businesses. With deep entrepreneurial and operational expertise, they aim to create substantial value for their portfolio companies.


Founding Year: 2001

Investment Range: $1M - $4M

Stage: Growth, Buyout, Merger, Recapitalization 

Sector: Healthcare, Fintech, Business

Investment Geography: United States

Notable Investments: Teladoc Health, REPAY, Volly

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10. Bronze Valley


Bronze Valley is a venture capital investor focused on supporting early-stage companies led by diverse and female founders. Their goal is to build pathways from education to opportunities in industries where underrepresented communities can thrive. By investing in high-growth ventures, Bronze Valley wants to create a more inclusive future.


Founding Year: 2017

Investment Range: Undisclosed 

Stage: Early

Sector: Technology, Innovation 

Investment Geography: United States (Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest)

Notable Investments: Pruuvn, Lillii RNB

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the minimum amount for a VC fund?

A: Venture capital funds usually ask for a minimum investment of $250,000 to $500,000, and sometimes even more. Investing a small amount of money can still cost a lot. These funds are usually only open to wealthy people and big organizations that have a lot of money.

Q: What cities have the most VC investments?

A: The top five cities for venture capital investment are San Francisco, New York City, Boston, San Jose, and Los Angeles. These cities together receive more than two-thirds (67.5%) of all venture capital investments.

Q: Do VC firms pay well?

A: Venture capital usually pays better than corporate development but not as much as private equity and hedge funds. At big VC firms, associates without an MBA can make $150K to $200K, while those with an MBA might rake in $200K to $250K. You might also ask, 'Do startups pay well?' Here's your answer.

Q: How many VC firms fail?

A: According to experts at The National Venture Capital Association, they believe that around 25% to 30% of startups supported by VC funding end up failing.

Best of luck with your amazing ventures.

Please note that this list is filtered by various metrics, and all the data are collected through various third-party websites, mostly the VC website. Since data such as ticket size or industry may change, you are requested to visit the official website given in the blog for the latest and updated information.

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