Investor Update Templates

A curated collection of investor update templates to keep your investors/stakeholders informed and foster trust, relationships, and accountability.

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How to write an effective investor update for your startup
Determining what to include in your investor update is an important balancing act. Be comprehensive yet concise, highlighting key metrics, milestones, and strategic context, to craft an update that informs, engages, and inspires confidence.
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5-Minute Investor Update Template
Fundraising is a serious endeavor, but the work doesn't end once you cash the checks. In fact, it's quite the contrary. It's absolutely vital to regularly update your investors, even long after the initial investment. Investors need these updates to understand the ...
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Shareholder Update: Q4, 2020 — 2020 Results and What's Ahead
We've emerged from a challenging year, one that proved our resilience and gave us a renewed sense of optimism heading into 2021.

We spent much of the final quarter of 2020 leaning into the inspiration we gained from the adaptability and ...
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by Nate Martins
An investor update template that (almost) writes itself
The investor update allows you to communicate everything you have done in the previous period with your company’s stakeholders.

A good investor template allows you to present information and communicate it in a clear way ...
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The Visible "Standard" Investor Update Template
“A great investor update feels personal and is easy to digest. We recommend starting with a personalized greeting, summary, and company pitch.”

Hello ‌all‌,

I hope your month is off to a great start! Since our last ...
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A “Fill-In-The-Blank” Investor Update Template for Busy Founders
There’s a lot of good advice on writing investor updates, but one of our portfolio CEOs recently wrote an update that was so good that I thought it could serve as a template for entrepreneurs everywhere.

It’s B2B focused and largely positive in tone, but it’s easy ..
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Template for the Perfect Investor Update
First off, anything is better than nothing. If you think you have nothing to share, let your investors know, we can help! In fact some of the best investor updates I receive, highlight their challenges.

Challenges finding the right hire, extended sales cycles, and high customer churn are not unique to you and ...
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Managing Partner - 2048 Ventures
How and why to send investor updates
First and foremost, sending regular updates to the investors creates cadence and allows CEOs to execute against goals.

At a high level, after raising a seed round, most startups will aim to raise series A. The question is – what milestones does the company need to hit to be able to ...
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A Simple Board and Investor Update Template (With Examples)
If you’re getting ready to send an investor update, you might be asking yourself questions like: What should I include? How transparent should I be?

When sharing an update, you’ve got to provide enough detail without overloading the reader. It can be hard to ...
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How to write a great investor update (templates & tips)
An investor update includes detailed information about your company’s financials, key hires, and customer wins. As your company grows, things change quickly. Sending investor updates at regular intervals is a crucial (and underrated) way to build trust and confidence with your backers.
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Investor Update
Keep investors up to speed with this free Investor Update template. Show them how you've built, tested, and refined your product or service. Then update them on the current strategy, marketing movements, and how you will achieve future growth milestones.

Preparing for an investor update can be intimidating ...
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Startup investor update template
Every startup should be sending their investors an email update every month - an “investor update”. And the earlier in the month, the better. It’s nice to have that conversation going with your investors so that they can help you when you need it. After all, these people have invested in the company, they want it to succeed - and you can really use their help.
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The Best Investor Update Templates
Investor Updates are the reports a company periodically shares with its investors, which include business and financial metrics and qualitative progress updates.

Sharing monthly or quarterly reports to investors is a best practice that will keep business angels, VCs and PEs engaged with the company.
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How to Write an Investor Update — Important Tips and Examples
Investors can offer a wealth of strategic value to your business beyond cash — and to get the most out of them, you should communicate the business’s growth narrative efficiently.

Read more on how to provide regular investor updates ...
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Investor Update Template
Use this Investor Update Email Template to write a good investor email. Example Update investor email templates from top founders & VCs.
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Investor Update 🖋 Email Template
A regular investor update email is the best way to keep existing and prospective investors in the loop on your startup’s progress.
Use it to ask for investments, introductions, advice, assistance, and more.
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Investor and advisor update email template
The ‘update email’ can be a powerful tool for founders but I’ve haven’t seen a great deal of helpful posts or example templates out there so here is mine.

I've met many founders who don’t know what a regular update email should look like or why they can be useful.
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How we keep investors in the loop
Our investor update has gone through several iterations over the years. In the early days, we included sections on hiring, feedback, and upcoming features. After reading blog posts by Elad Gil and Aaron K. Harris, Sid developed our current version with their insights in mind and ...
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Why Investor Updates Are Important (Even If You Don’t Have Investors)
Every 3 months, I send an email to Groove’s small group of angel investors with an update on our progress. Here’s a look at how it helps us grow.

“We ran into a tiny technical issue last week.”

Bullshit. It was NOT tiny. Not even a little...
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Investor update (real example)
Dear Sweatcoin Investor,

INCREDIBLE MONTH! We had xxx installs in September alone, and more than doubled our installed base since early Aug!
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Investor Update (real example)
Hi all,

October has seen continued growth and we expect to have reached X MRR by the end of October. Each month is now providing more and more enterprise-level leads.

We’ve begun experimenting with marketing and have some encouraging results.
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How to Craft an Effective Investor Update
Most early stage founders don’t have a board of directors, so providing regular reports on the state of their businesses isn’t something that’s required.

So, how should these founders create accountability for themselves and their teams? One of the best ways is to ...
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Why You Should Always Send Your Investor Updates
Hustle Fund has invested in over 135 companies (as of May 2020).

Most of those companies only email us when they need something… usually that means introductions to potential investors, candidates for jobs, or ...
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Investor Update Templates for E-Commerce and SaaS Businesses
As your business grows, so do the challenges that add up faster than you expect – it becomes harder to manage communications and maintain transparency across all stakeholders. Things change rather quickly and both you and your investors need regular updates on recent ...
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The Why and How Of Updating Your Angel Investors
There’s a massive amount available on the interwebs on how to improve the odds for success in new ventures. But almost nothing concrete is available on the care and feeding of your investors. You can do all of the Lean Startup experimentation you want, but we’re here to tell you that one of the the easiest and most underrated ...
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Mind matters.
Digital therapeutics (hypnotherapy apps) for mind-body conditions, with scientific research at their core.

Our Mission:To empower a billion people to improve their health by unlocking the power of the mind.
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Kima Ventures Investor Update Template
Hey all - Hope all is well! Here is a quick recap of [month].


  • MRR: $X (+Y%)
  • ARR: $X
  • Customers: X (+Y%) ...
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Y Combinator Investor Update Template
Hey all,

It’s been an awesome, but intense, [summer/fall/winter/spring]. Many things are tracking well, but there are some challenges we could use your help with (more below)...
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Template: Investor Update Email
An update email allows anyone interested in your progress, typically your current and would-be investors, advisors and mentors, to stay current with your progress by just reading an email.

There’s no onus on anyone to do anything (other than you to send it) and it allows everyone to stay updated and reach out and help where appropriate.
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Crafting Valuable Investor Updates: A How-To For Startups
If you think your relationship with investors ends after securing funding, think again. You have a long road ahead filled with discussions — not just about an investor’s eventual ROI but also about your business and what you need to succeed.
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Investor Updates Made Easy
The fastest and easiest way to share your startup's progress with anyone.

Get started today as a startup or portfolio manager.
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The Investor Update template we use, and you should use too
Main achievements
  • Item
  • Item
  • Item
Key metrics & Key performance indicators
  • Number of accounts
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AI Simple Investor Update Template
A quick and easy way to craft investor updates that are friendly and informative. Keep your investors in the loop with this straightforward template.
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Investor Updates in Tough Times: A Guide for Founders
One of the best tells that someone is an exceptional founder: their communication rituals. With their teams, their customers, and especially their investors.

Sending world-class investor updates is one of the highest-value rituals you can learn.
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Founder turned Investor
How to keep Potential Investors Updated (with Template)
When an investor passes, most of the time, their answer will be some derivative of “not now”. This means you should keep them updated, as they may want to be an investor in a later round. Here’s a template to keep those investors updated on your startup’s progress — with the hopes of having them invest later.
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Investor update template.
Here's a tried and tested template for investor updates. Borrow it, steal it, tweak it, make it your own. Your investors will thank you!
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How to Write Investor Emails That Get a Response (Templates Included)
Writing an email to an investor can be time-consuming, especially if you’ve never done it before and you’re starting from scratch.

Save yourself the hours staring at a blank screen, and get up and running quickly with one of our pre-built ...
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Updating Your Seed Investors – Board Deck & Update Email Templates
First and foremost, investors (whether they say it or not) prefer over communication of what’s happening at the company, both the good and the bad. And a regular update with candor about what is going well and what is not signals an orientation towards transparency, which ...
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Highline Beta VC
Investor Email Update Template (Recommended Format)
Hello everyone / Hey all,

[Month] has flown by as we [describe quick overview of how things are going].

As always, just hit reply to chat with us or send ...
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Techstars Minimum Viable Update
Hi Investors,

Last month we burned through [$X]. We are on track to turn cash flow positive before [Date]. We will decide over the next [X] months whether we need a little bit of extra cash for working capital purposes or not.