Top 10 VC Funds in Colorado

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Colorado is a hot hub for innovation and business, with a diverse economy and a bustling tech scene. Successful startups like Airbnb, Pinterest, and Reddit were founded here. Colorado's VC firms invest in early-stage, high-potential, and high-risk businesses in exchange for ownership. In this blog, we'll look at the top 10 VC funds in Colorado, exploring their investments, portfolio companies, and industry focus. Here's the list:

1. FirstMile Ventures


FirstMile Ventures is an investment firm based in Colorado and Texas. It specializes in being the first institutional investor for startups, usually at the Series A stage. They prioritize achieving product-market fit and focus on high-performing founders, prioritizing substance over hype. Operating in tech-savvy states like Texas and Colorado, their experienced team ensures quick and transparent decision-making to support founders in building impactful companies. Committed to their limited partners, FirstMile Ventures ensures that investments contribute directly to company growth.


Founding Year: 2010

Investment Range: $500K - $2M

Stage: Seed, Growth, Series A

Sector: Various

Investment Geography: Colorado, Texas 

Notable Investments: Altia, iWanamaker, Open Road Snacks, Sedulous Foods, SpotRight, Depo Direct

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2. TURN8


TURN8, a Venture Capital-as-a-Service (VCaaS) serves as a global innovation bridge. Managing $500M+ in enterprise value, TURN8 accelerates 120 startups, advises 30+ corporate partners on innovation, and invests $150M+ in early-stage ventures. The firm, led by passionate entrepreneurs and executives, facilitates corporate venturing strategies and offers co-working services. Known for organizing hackathons and events, TURN8 is committed to transforming corporate innovation through various models like accelerators and venture studios. With a unique approach to change, TURN8 stands as a vital link between innovators and investors worldwide.


Founding Year: 2013

Investment Range: Undisclosed

Stage: Seed, Series A

Sector: Technology

Investment Geography: Global

Notable Investments: Kanari, Crowdbabble, Paack, Solid Face, Next, MistBox, ZingoHub

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3. Foundry Group


Foundry, based in Boulder, Colorado, has been a key player in early-stage investing since 2007. Managing over $3.0 billion, they've invested in 320+ projects, resulting in 70+ successful exits. What makes Foundry unique is its vast network, including 75+ portfolio companies and 40+ partner funds. With six partners and a team of fifteen, Foundry focuses on connecting founders, CEOs, and fund managers to support a community-driven ecosystem. 


Founding Year: 2007

Investment Range: $100K - $10M

Stage: Seed, Early Stage, Later Stage (through Foundry Group Select)

Sector: Business Products, Business Services, Consumer Products, Consumer Services, IT, SaaS, Mobile, TMT, Mobile Commerce

Investment Geography: North America (primarily US and Canada)

Notable Investments: Bolt, High Alpha, Twine, Maple, PSL

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4. Altira Group


Altira Group is venture capital firm specializing in funding technology and software companies at the forefront of enterprise digital transformation. With six successful funds, Altira has supported over 55 companies, collaborating closely with skilled entrepreneurs to establish industry leaders. Leveraging deep sector knowledge and strategic partnerships with key independent oil and gas entities, Altira accelerates the growth of its portfolio companies. Boasting over 60 years of collective experience, the Altira team excels in investing and nurturing successful businesses in the energy technology sector.


Founding Year: 1996

Investment Range: $2M - $15M

Stage: Growth Stage, Buyout

Sector: Healthcare, Technology, Consumer, Business Services

Investment Geography: North America (primarily US)

Notable Investments: ResFrac, Seeq, FlexGen Power Systems, IOTA Software Inc.

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5. Boulder Ventures


Boulder Ventures is a specialized venture capital firm with nearly two decades of experience, focuses on unique investments in Colorado and the Mid-Atlantic. Building on strong relationships with seasoned entrepreneurs, they prioritize early-stage companies in information technology and life sciences. Serving as the primary professional investor, Boulder Ventures not only provides initial funding but also reserves capital for subsequent rounds. The firm's success lies in cultivating a network of expert entrepreneurs, consistently generating market-leading ideas in software, networking, data storage, drug discovery, and technology services. As a trusted partner to serial entrepreneurs, Boulder Ventures remains a prominent figure in the venture capital landscape.


Founding Year: 1995

Investment Range: Undisclosed

Stage: Early, Later

Sector: Information Technology, Biotechnology

Investment Geography: Colorado, Mid-Atlantic Region

Notable Investments: Spectrum Effect, ClinOne, Z Natural Foods, PlayMetrics, Mineralys, PeopleReign, DMC (Biotechnology)

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6. Greenmont Capital Partners


Greenmont Capital Partners, established by industry experts in natural products, is an investment fund. Specializing in early-stage companies within the United States, the firm actively supports and invests in businesses poised for growth in the natural product sector.


Founding Year: 2004

Investment Range: $1M - $5M

Stage: Growth

Sector: Consumer products, specifically branded consumer products aligned with the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) market

Investment Geography: United States

Notable Investments: Madhava Natural Sweeteners, Door to Door Organics, Uncle Matt's Organic Juice, and Eco-Products

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7. Grotech Ventures


Grotech Ventures, a dedicated team of investors, empowers ambitious entrepreneurs in building enduring technology companies. As early backers, they invest $500,000 to $5 million, persistently fostering growth and adding value to enterprises. Grotech Ventures understands the journey, tirelessly collaborating to catalyze significant achievements for your company.


Founding Year: 1984

Investment Range: $500K - $5M

Stage: Early, Growth

Sector: IT, Technology 

Investment Geography: Colorado

Notable Investments: Cognato, Cloud Elements, Contactually, DigeX, Optoro

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8. Meritage Private Equity Funds


Meritage Funds is a growth equity firm that specializes in investing in technology-enabled services and recurring-revenue businesses. With a focus on businesses requiring $5 to $15 million in capital, Meritage collaborates with entrepreneurs to accelerate growth. Targeting companies with annualized revenue between $3 and $20 million, Meritage supports those already demonstrating financial success. Their portfolio consists of growth-stage businesses that leverage the capital to boost customer acquisition, enhance service delivery, and expand their offerings.


Founding Year: 1998

Investment Range: $250K - $1M

Stage: Growth

Sector: Industrial, Technology

Investment Geography: US

Notable Investments: NUVOX, Cencom Cable, Verio,

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9. Stout Street Capital


Stout Street Capital is a seed-stage fund. It specializes in backing early-stage companies dedicated to enhancing efficiency and creating value in established market sectors. Their Value Fund-II targets post-revenue, seed-to-series-A investments in companies valued under $10 million. With 36 investments made by the end of 2018 through Stout Street Value Fund-I, the newer Value Fund-II aims to invest in 50 companies by 2020, typically starting with a $100k initial investment and reserving $500k-$1M for follow-on investments in their portfolio companies.


Founding Year: 2016

Investment Range: $100K - $1M

Stage: Early, Growth, Seed

Sector: Tech

Investment Geography: Denver, Colorado

Notable Investments: Hook Security, Cake Equity, Pathmatch, Viviota

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10. Matchstick Ventures


Matchstick Ventures, based in the Twin Cities, passionately invests in tech startups led by exceptional entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and significant market potential. As a dedicated catalyst, Matchstick wholeheartedly supports its founders and the broader startup community. Focused on startups with a solid product and customer base, Matchstick Ventures is committed to propelling creative individuals who are determined to achieve success.


Founding Year: 2013

Investment Range: $500K - $5M

Stage: Seed, Early Stage

Sector: Technology, Media, Consumer

Investment Geography: North America (primarily US)

Notable Investments: Onward, Kahilla, Haekka, CURU, Getro, Milk Moovement

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Best of luck with your amazing ventures. 

Please note that this list is filtered by various metrics, and all the data are collected through various third-party websites, mostly the VC website. Since data such as ticket size or industry may change, you are requested to visit the official website given in the blog for the latest and updated information.

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