Top 10 VC Funds in Georgia

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The startup scene in Georgia, particularly Atlanta, is booming! It has become a major hub for entrepreneurs in the Southeast, attracting talent and investment from all over the country. We have gone through a big list of VCs and VC funds that are backing all these amazing startups in the state, and here is the list of the top 10 VC funds in Georgia:

1. Mosley Ventures


Mosley Ventures is a venture capital fund based in Atlanta. It specializes in early-stage investments in technology startups across the Southeast. Focused on sectors like security software, mobility, big data, and healthcare IT, the fund is led by Managing Partner Sig Mosley. With a prolific track record since 1990, Mosley Ventures prioritizes supporting entrepreneurs, having invested in 120 startups with 82 successful liquidity events. Notably, Sig Mosley holds the record for the Southeast's largest venture deal, a $5.7 billion acquisition of Tradex by Ariba. The fund's core belief is in empowering founders to turn their visions into thriving companies.

Website: Mosley Ventures

Founding Year: 1990

Investment Range: $250K - $1M

Stage: Seed Round, Early stage

Sector: Technology, Healthcare, Consumer Products

Investment Geography: Primarily Southeast US, with focus on Atlanta

Notable Investments: Medwise, Stord, OROS, Olive, Strata Cloud, FSLogix

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2. BIP Ventures


BIP Ventures is a big deal in the business world, especially in the Southeast. They're part of BIP Capital, a major venture capital player in North America. Since 2007, BIP Ventures has been all about helping B2B software and tech service businesses succeed. They don't just throw money at them; they also provide crucial support like access to resources, expertise, and skilled individuals. Their investment approach involves different funds, like Panoramic Ventures, BIP Opportunities Funds, and BIP Capital Venture Funds. These guys are known for getting impressive returns on their investments, making them a top-notch leader in the industry.

Website: BIP Ventures

Founding Year: 2007

Investment Range: $10M - $25M

Stage: Seed, Early Stage

Sector: Technology, Healthcare, B2B Software, Consumer Products

Investment Geography: Primarily Southeast US, with focus on Atlanta

Notable Investments: 1 True Health, Abstrakt, Aspirion, Chattr, DOXCI,

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3. Tech Square Ventures


Tech Square Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm. It empowers visionary founders to reshape industries and pioneer new markets. Leveraging a robust network of innovation ecosystems, corporations, and universities, the firm accelerates go-to-market strategies. Through Engage, a program facilitating collaboration with Fortune 500 corporations, Tech Square Ventures supports enterprise startups in delivering their products to customers.


Founding Year: 2014

Investment Range: $500K - $15M

Stage: Seed, Early Stage

Sector: Technology, Healthcare, Education, Consumer

Investment Geography: Primarily Southeast US

Notable Investments: 2U Laundry, Canvs, CIRT, Cypress, Evolv AI, Filtered

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4. Atlanta Ventures


Atlanta Ventures is all about helping entrepreneurs succeed. They're not just about giving support – they also create a lively community, share helpful knowledge, and invest in early-stage businesses. They go a step further by teaming up with entrepreneurs to start new ventures in their in-house Studio. Atlanta Ventures is like a booster for business growth, making a place where innovation can shine, and businesses can do well.

Website: Atlanta Ventures

Founding Year: 2009

Investment Range: $500K - $15M

Stage: Seed, Early Stage

Sector: Technology, Healthcare, Consumer Products

Investment Geography: Primarily Southeast US, with focus on Atlanta

Notable Investments: Actively Learn, Adpipe, Atlanta Tech Village, Calendly, Laudable

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5. Cerner Capital


Cerner Capital is a disciplined investment firm. It focuses on enhancing equity returns for corporations, governments, trusts, and private investors. With a risk-mitigating investment approach, they aim for consistent returns. Offering tax advisory solutions and effective investment management, Cerner Capital helps navigate the volatile market landscape, ensuring financial stability for all clients.

Website: Cerner Capital

Founding Year: 2001

Investment Range: Undisclosed

Stage: Growth Stage

Sector: Healthcare IT, Digital Health

Investment Geography: Global, with focus on US healthcare market

Notable Investments: Clearwave, iClick Interactive, Health Catalyst

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6. Forte Ventures


Forté Ventures is a multi-stage venture capital firm. It collaborates with corporate partners in diverse technology sectors across North America. Specializing in Information Technology, Mobility, Digital Media, Internet & eCommerce, Financial Technology, and Industrial Technology, the firm's investments, ranging from $500,000 to $3 million, often involve leading corporate and strategic partners. Headquartered in Atlanta with offices in Silicon Valley, Chicago, and New York, Forté Ventures plays a key role in fostering innovation and growth in the technology landscape.

Website: Forte Ventures

Founding Year: 2012

Investment Range: $500K - $3M

Stage: Seed, Early Stage

Sector: Information Technology, Mobility, Digital Media, Internet & eCommerce, Financial Technology, and Industrial Technology

Investment Geography: Primarily Southeast US

Notable Investments: Percent, Jump, Sprockets, CarIQ, Homee, Element

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7. Treehouse Holdings


Treehouse Holdings is a growth-focused entity. It collaborates with visionary entrepreneurs and management teams to establish groundbreaking enterprises. Specializing in innovative healthcare solutions, Treehouse invests in early-stage companies and technologies, fostering growth through proprietary technology solutions and service business models. With a commitment to direct operational involvement, Treehouse facilitates the ascent of these organizations to achieve remarkable milestones, emphasizing that technology becomes revolutionary when embraced by people.

Website: Treehouse Holdings

Founding Year: 2013

Investment Range: $1M - $10M

Stage: Seed, Series A
Sector: SaaS, B2B, Enterprise Software, Healthcare

Investment Geography: National, with focus on Atlanta

Notable Investments: Salesloft, HighRadius, Cloudinary, Exam Med, Code Runner, Select Holdings

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8. Domain Capital Group


Domain Capital Group, LLC is an Atlanta-based investment firm, specializes in diverse private markets: Real Estate, Natural Resources, Media, Entertainment & Technology, and Credit & Special Situations. Serving public and private pension plans, corporations, foundations, endowments, and high-net-worth individuals, they create tailored solutions aligned with investment goals. With a focus on strategic and responsive investment processes, Domain aims to support clients in realizing the long-term value of diversified funds management. Their expertise enables them to identify investment opportunities, providing a fully integrated approach from negotiations to asset supervision.


Founding Year: 2008

Investment Range: $1M - $15M

Stage: Seed, Early Stage

Sector: Real Estate, Natural Resources, Media, Entertainment & Technology

Investment Geography: Atlanta, GA

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9. Forge Partners

Forge Partners

Forge Partners is a comprehensive real estate management and brokerage firm. It specializes in guiding clients through the entire real estate process. From acquisitions and entitlement to design, construction, leasing, and tenant coordination, they offer end-to-end support. With expertise in retail, restaurant, hospitality, office, hospital, industrial, and residential properties, Forge Partners is a unique and essential partner for successful real estate ventures. They stand out as one of the few companies uniquely qualified to handle every aspect of the real estate journey, ensuring that they build what works.


Founding Year: 2001

Investment Range: $500K - $10M

Stage: Seed, Early Stage

Sector: Technology, Real Estate, Consumer Products

Investment Geography: Southeast US, with focus on Atlanta

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10. Fulcrum Equity


Fulcrum Equity Partners manages a $600 million fund, investing in rapidly growing businesses, particularly in healthcare, B2B SaaS, and tech-enabled services. Their focus spans internal growth, acquisitions, shareholder liquidity, buy-outs, recapitalizations, and divestitures. Investment sizes range from $5 to $25 million, with potential for follow-on investments. They are flexible, making both non-control and control investments, collaborating with other firms and angel investors. With strong relationships in senior and sub-debt lending, Fulcrum maintains a relatively straightforward capital structure, facilitating diverse financial solutions for their portfolio companies.

Website: Fulcrum Equity

Founding Year: 2006

Investment Range: $5M - $25M

Stage: Early - Exit

Sector: Healthcare, B2B SaaS, Tech

Investment Geography: Atlanta, GA

Notable Investments: Canvs, Olio, Hatch, Kevel, Tricentis, Logfire

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Best of luck with your amazing ventures. 

Please note that this list is filtered by various metrics, and all the data are collected through various third-party websites, mostly the VC website. Since data such as ticket size or industry may change, you are requested to visit the official website given in the blog for the latest and updated information.

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