Top 10 VC Funds in Indiana

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Indiana has been home to some of the most successful startups in the world, both within the country and on a global scale. Behind every successful startup are great venture capital firms and investors who support and back innovative ideas. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the top 10 VC firms in Indiana that are making waves in the industry. Here’s the list:

1. Midwest VC


Midwest VC (MVC) is a venture capital firm that supports early-stage startups in the Midwest. They focus on helping entrepreneurs create exceptional user experiences, dominate their markets, and deliver returns to investors. MVC emphasizes the importance of timely exits for portfolio companies, drawing from past experiences with startups like Groupon and FourSquare. Unlike some larger VC firms, MVC prioritizes advising startups on what’s best for their business rather than solely aiming for fund returns.


Founding Year: 2018

Investment Range: Undisclosed

Stage: Early

Sector: Technology

Investment Geography: Midwest, United States

Notable Investments: Boundary Layer Technologies, New Culture, Cyberdontics, LawnLove, OneSignal, ReelGood

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2. Allos Ventures


Allos Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage technology startups in the Midwest. They aim to bridge the funding gap by investing in innovative startups and partnering with entrepreneurs to fuel their growth. Allos Ventures focuses on industry-changing businesses, with the goal of creating value for both investors and the startups they back.


Founding Year: 2010

Investment Range: $3M - $7M

Stage: Early, Seed

Sector: Human Capital Management, RegTech, FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech, and Transportation and Logistics Management

Investment Geography: United States

Notable Investments: Assurex Health, Aware, Encamp, OneCause, Rimsys, Authenticx, Maven

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3. Elevate Ventures


Elevate Ventures invests in new businesses and helps them grow. It invests in innovative companies with a minimum $500M Total Addressable Market (TAM) at pre-seed, seed, and early stages. With a 10+ year track record, Elevate has funded 500+ Indiana startups and supported 4,000 companies across 86 counties, earning the title of the #1 Most Active Seed & Early-Stage Venture Capital Firm in the Great Lakes Region. Positioned for a transformative decade ahead, Elevate aims to make Indiana the Innovation Capital of the World™. Their focus areas include building collaborative communities, investing in high-potential companies, and providing world-class programming for acceleration.


Founding Year: 2011

Investment Range: $1M - $5M

Stage: Pre Seed, Seed, Series A

Sector:  Agriculture, B2B & B2C Tech & Services, Drug Development, Manufacturing, Energy & Defense, and Medical Devices

Investment Geography: Indiana, United States

Notable Investments: Pattern89, SharpenCX, and Adranos Energetics

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4. Heartland Ventures


Heartland Ventures is a venture capital firm. It connects innovative startups with Midwestern industries such as manufacturing and logistics. They help startups gain early adoption and investment by connecting them with corporate partners. Heartland Ventures stimulates the Midwest's economy, encourages job growth, and attracts external investments by connecting tech hubs with the region. 


Founding Year: 2016

Investment Range: $500K - $2M

Stage: Seed, Series A

Sector: Startups with B2B strategies serving real estate, construction, manufacturing, and logistics

Investment Geography: United States

Notable Investments: Third Wave Automation, Parkade, ProjectMark12, Mimir, SpidrTech7

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5. High Alpha


High Alpha, based in Indianapolis, is a combo of High Alpha Studio and High Alpha Capital. The studio launches and grows cloud companies, offering various services. The capital arm invests in these and other emerging enterprises. Founded by industry leaders like Scott Dorsey, High Alpha has a unique model focusing on reducing obstacles and speeding up enterprise growth. Partners include Eric Tobias and Kristian Andersen. Backed by investors like Emergence Capital, Greenspring Associates, and others, High Alpha is redefining how innovative cloud businesses flourish.


Founding Year: 2015

Investment Range: Undisclosed ($250M Fund Size)

Stage: Early

Sector: B2B, SaaS

Investment Geography: Midwest, Indianapolis

Notable Investments: Attentive, SalesLoft, Zylo, Terminus, The Mom Project, Lessonly, LogicGate, MetaCX

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6. New Enterprise Associates (NEA)


New Enterprise Associates (NEA) is an American venture capital firm with a focus on investments from seed to growth stages across various industries. Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, and Washington, D.C., NEA manages around $25 billion in committed capital, making it one of the world's largest VC firms. Founded in 1977 by C. Richard Kramlich, Chuck Newhall, and Frank Bonsal, NEA has invested in nearly 1,000 companies, achieving over 650 liquidity events, including 250 IPOs and 300 acquisitions. With offices worldwide, NEA has consistently expanded its funds, reaching milestones like a $3.3 billion fund in 2017, the largest ever in venture capital history.


Founding Year: 1987

Investment Range: $1M - $50M

Stage: Seed, Early, Growth

Sector: Technology and Healthcare

Investment Geography: Global

Notable Investments: Workday, Groupon, Robinhood, Pinterest, Airbnb, WebMD, Fisker, Alkermes, TiVo, 3Com

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7. Hyde Park Venture Partners


Hyde Park Venture Partners, based in Chicago, is a dynamic early-stage venture capital firm specializing in high-growth technology startups across the mid-continent region. With a keen eye for outstanding founding teams and rapid-growth potential, they actively support companies seeking their initial or second round of funding. Known for their tenacity and responsiveness, the team is dedicated to enhancing the value of every investment.


Founding Year: 2011

Investment Range: $5M - $10M

Stage: Early, Seed

Sector: Technology, Software

Investment Geography: Mid-Continent

Notable Investments: Avant, Audit Sight, Blooom, Chowly, FarmLogs, Noredink, ShipBob

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8. VisionTech


VisionTech Partners and VisionTech Angels, established in 2008 as StepStone Business Partners, bring together nearly 140 angel investors from Indiana and Ohio. They focus on linking investors with promising early-stage companies, primarily in the Midwest but open to opportunities across the US. With a portfolio of 60-plus companies, VisionTech is a key player in Indiana's innovation scene, fostering collaboration among inventors, entrepreneurs, universities, and strategic partners to develop and launch cutting-edge technologies.

Website: visiontech-partners

Founding Year: 2009

Investment Range: Undisclosed 

Stage: Early, Early-growth

Sector: Variety including Medtech

Investment Geography: Midwest

Notable Investments: FiberX, Laxis, Mentavi Health, NuvOx Therapeutics, Pelvital USA, Inc. 

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9. Mission Innovation Network


Mission Innovation Network is a venture capital firm supporting businesses that empower local communities. They aim to fill the gap left by globalized companies, emphasizing the importance of addressing local needs. Their vision is to build resilient communities, and their mission is to support innovative businesses focused on community well-being. They are dedicated to a future where businesses contribute to the prosperity of underserved local communities.


Founding Year: 2020 

Investment Range: $200K - $1M

Stage: Early, Seed

Sector: Mission-driven companies empowering local communities

Investment Geography: Indiana

Notable Investment: Ecomedes

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10. Monument Capital Partners


Monument Capital Partners specializes in M&A and financial advisory services for middle-market companies in the Aerospace, Defense, and Government Services industry. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, they offer strategic counsel to senior management and boards of directors. Focusing solely on this industry, Monument Capital effectively communicates the strategic value of their clients to potential buyers or investors.


Founding Year: 1996

Investment Range: $1M - $25M

Stage: Small - Middle Market Companies

Sector: Aerospace, Defense, and Government Services 

Investment Geography: Based in Indianapolis, Indiana and invests primarily in the Midwest

Notable Investments: Alvant, Foam Rubber Products, OPENLANE, Future Foam, Separators

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is VC high risk?

A: Venture capital is a type of investment that can be risky but has the potential for high returns. However, there is no guarantee of success. Investing in startups is always uncertain, and you might lose your money. Even though VC firms try to minimize risks, investing in startups is always uncertain, and you might lose your money.

Q: What is the best country to set up a VC fund?

A: If you’re looking to set up a VC fund, many people think the United States has the best venture capital (VC) funds worldwide. This is because the US has a big economy, lots of money available, and many successful startups.

Q: What cities have the most VC investments?

A: The top five cities for venture capital investment are San Francisco, New York City, Boston, San Jose, and Los Angeles. These cities together receive more than two-thirds (67.5%) of all venture capital investments.

Q: What is the minimum amount for a VC fund?

A: Venture capital funds usually ask for a minimum investment of $250,000 to $500,000, and sometimes even more. Investing a small amount of money can still cost a lot. These funds are usually only open to wealthy people and big organizations that have a lot of money.

Q: How do I choose a VC fund?

A: To choose a VC fund, check how much experience and success the venture capital firm has had before. Look at the companies they’ve invested in before to see if they match what your business does. This can help you figure out if they’re a good match for you.

Best of luck with your amazing ventures. 

Please note that this list is filtered by various metrics, and all the data are collected through various third-party websites, mostly the VC website. Since data such as ticket size or industry may change, you are requested to visit the official website given in the blog for the latest and updated information.

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