Top 10 VC Firms in Italy

Italy, being the 4th largest economy in Europe, has attracted a good number of investments in various industries. Investment in Italy has been steadily increasing in recent years. Venture capital firms are playing a very significant role in this growth. VC funding can be a game-changer for your startup. In this blog, we will try to provide you with an overview of the top 10 VC firms in Italy. Also insights into their ticket size, investment stages, and other relevant information are given. 

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1. United Ventures

United Ventures is an Italian venture capital firm. They support founders from the early to growth stages. They have partnered with over 25 tech startups. They have €190 million in assets and are raising a new fund for growth investments. Their portfolio spans several countries, backing tech innovation.


Founding Year: 2013

Investment Range: €1M to €8M

Stage: Early, Seed and Growth

Sector: Technology, Software, E-commerce, FoodTech

Investment Geography: Europe, US

Notable Investments: Babaco, Cazoo, Cleafy, CLOUD4WI, Deliveristo 

2. Milano Investment Partners

MIP SGR, also known as Milano Investment Partners - MIP SGR, is an Asset Management Company with a specialization in the tech and consumer lifestyle sectors. It operates as a Venture Capital platform offering various investment funds tailored to different company stages and investor requirements. This approach provides investors with unique opportunities to access expanding markets.


Founding Year: 2017

Investment Range: €500K to €10M

Stage: Early to Growth

Sector: B2C, Consumer Goods, Fashion, Financial Services, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery

Investment Geography: Europe (Focused on Italy)

Notable Investments: Foodelux, Otrium, Exoticca, HelixNano

3. MGH7 Venture Capital

MGH7 Venture Capital guides startups toward sustainable growth through strategic investor partnerships. They specialize in lifestyle businesses, such as tourism, fashion, sports, food, and design, while also exploring opportunities in Digital Media and ICT/Hi-Tech. MGH7's ethical commitment and human-centered approach set them apart, blending strategic insight with data-driven decision-making.


Founding Year: 2015

Investment Range: €100K - €2M

Stage: Seed

Sector: SaaS, Media, Travel & Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Consumer, Entertainment

Investment Geography: Europe

Notable Investments: The GIRA, Qurami, PRESSO, Restopolis, Smart Cloth - Sedicidodici

4. Primo Ventures

Primomiglio SGR SPA operates as an investment company. The Company line of business includes managing venture capital funds and investing in early stage technology startups. Primomiglio SGR serves clients in Italy.


Founding Year: 2016

Investment Range: €500K to €5M

Stage: Early, Seed

Sector: Technology, IoT, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Space

Investment Geography: Italy

Notable Investments: Astrocast, Dishcovery, Inreception, Qomodo, Trovabirre

5. Eureka Venture

EUREKA! Venture SGR is an independent Italian firm dedicated to deep tech investments. Their name, "Eureka," reflects the spirit of scientific discovery. With expertise in research, technology transfer, and venture capital, they focus on using technology to improve lives and the world.


Founding Year: 2019

Investment Range: €100K to €3M

Stage: Early, Seed

Sector: Technology, Software, E-commerce, HealthTech, Artificial Intelligence

Investment Geography: Italy

Notable Investments: Caracol, EYE4NIR, Shop Circle, Addtonos, Aquaseek

6. Xyence Capital

Xyence Capital is an asset management firm. They specialize in supporting groundbreaking ventures in the life sciences field. With a focus on improving human health, Xyence Capital collaborates with entrepreneurs and researchers to grow innovative companies. Their reach extends globally. They aid ambitious startups and early-stage SMEs in Europe and the United States, as they work on pioneering solutions.


Founding Year: 2002

Investment Range: €1M - €15M

Stage: Early to Growth

Sector: Life Sciences

Investment Geography: Europe, US

Notable Investments: Enterome, TRIFarma, KlisBio, Crest Optics, Lambda

7. Progress Tech Transfer

Progress Tech Transfer is an investment fund that focuses on sustainable technologies from Italian universities, startups, and visionary entrepreneurs. They excel in navigating complex tech landscapes, partnering with top institutions to identify opportunities . They help driving growth from lab to market with a unique blend of finance, business vision, and industrial connections. That's their mission.


Founding Year: 2019

Investment Range:  €100k - €5M

Stage: Early to Growth

Sector: Sustainable Technologies, Research, Start-ups

Investment Geography: Europe

Notable Investments: Finapp, HiQ-Nano, Specto Photonics, newcleo, Valuematic

8. Vertis SGR S.p.A.

Vertis is an asset management firm recognized by the Bank of Italy. Based in Naples and Milan, Vertis manages seven investment funds for professional investors, targeting research, university spin-offs, startups, scaleups, and SMEs. In private equity, they prioritize ethical decision-making and adhere to professional standards. Vertis also promotes Sustainable and Responsible Investments (SRI) by incorporating ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria into their practices.


Founding Year: 2007

Investment Range: $10M to $50M

Stage: Growth

Sector: Versatile, SME

Investment Geography: Europe

Notable Investments: Coverzen, Aindo, Zerynth, ToothPic, Personal Factory

9. Red Seed

Redseed is a venture capital firm with a very good track record. They have contributed over $100 million to support technology companies in the US, Africa, and Europe. Redseed specializes in forming partnerships with entrepreneurs during late seed or early series A funding rounds. It allows them to secure the equity needed for their next milestones. 


Founding Year: 2015 

Investment Range: $150K to $500K

Stage: Early, Seed

Sector: Technology

Investment Geography: Europe, US, Africa

Notable Investments: Leaf Space, Jiji

10. P101

P101 SGR is a one of the most popular Italian venture capital firms. It focuses on investing in tech companies across Europe. It was founded by Andrea Di Camillo and supported by partners such as Azimut and the European Investment Fund. They manage over €200 million across two funds. They have invested in 35+ tech companies making a significant impact in Europe's startup landscape.


Founding Year: 2013

Investment Range: €1M - €5M

Stage: Early

Sector: SaaS, Cybersecurity, E-Commerce, Education, Fintech, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Supply Chain & Logistics, Internet & Mobile, Transportation, Proptech & Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality

Investment Geography: Europe (Focuses on Italy)

Notable Investments: 1000 Farmacie, 2hire, 4books, BeMyEye, Colvin

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