Top 10 VC Firms in Netherlands

Netherlands is an emerging market for global startups, especially in Amsterdam. Since 2011, this place has seen a huge 53% year-on-year growth according to a report. However, the Dutch startup ecosystems have also faced several problems. One of them being challenging funding. Several prominent VC firms are there to solve this issue. We’ve researched this and came up with one of the top 10 established VC firms of Netherlands. Here's the list:

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1. Acrobator Ventures

Acrobator Ventures

Acrobator Ventures backs tech innovators in the early stages, with a focus on Eastern founders connecting with Western markets. They're based in Amsterdam and Kyiv/Tbilisi. They are specialized in fields like—artificial intelligence and growth marketing. This helps founders access networks, data, and markets to make a big impact.


Founding Year: 2019

Investment Range:  €100K to €2M

Stage: Pre seed to Seed

Sector: Technology and AI

Investment Geography: Europe

Notable Investments: Respeecher, Maroo, Binarly, Heep, Leapfunder

2. Antler


Antler is a global partner for driven founders. They help startups from the beginning to success. They work with entrepreneurs globally. Antler has offices in 25 cities, and they  offer co-founder matching too alongside funding and support. They've backed over 850 startups and aim to support 6,000+ by 2030.


Founding Year: 2017

Investment Range: Varies (typically from $100K to $2M)

Stage: Seed to Series C

Sector: Multi

Investment Geography: Global 

Notable Investments: Reebelo, Airalo, Homebase, Xailient, MODOYO

3. Contrarian Ventures

Contrarian Ventures

Contrarian Ventures is a VC firm dedicated to climate action in Europe and Israel. They support founders, foster collaboration, and drive innovation. With strong ties to the climate tech community, they back pioneers creating a sustainable future. Through initiatives like the Energy Tech Summit and Climate50, they mobilize resources to accelerate decarbonization. Contrarian Ventures is making a positive impact in the fight against climate change.


Founding Year: 2017

Investment Range: €100K - €2M

Stage: Seed to Series A

Sector: Climate and Energy Tech

Investment Geography: Europe, Israel

Notable Investments: PVcase, Vianova, Urbio, Hepto, Stealth Company

4. Dutch Founders Fund

Dutch Founders Fund

Dutch Founders Fund (DFF) is an early-stage VC firm. They are specialized in marketplace and network effect startups across Europe. Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, DFF offers rapid solutions to early-stage growth challenges. They have a unique founder-first approach. They are not just investors but also hands-on partners dedicated to driving innovation in marketplaces and network effects. DFF's swift support accelerates the success of startups, making them a reliable ally for entrepreneurs in Europe.


Founding Year: 2019

Investment Range: €100K - €1M

Stage: Early

Sector: Marketplace and network effect startups

Investment Geography: Europe (Focuses on Netherlands)

Notable Investments: WeTransfer, treatwell, Just eat, Hiber, fonQ

5. Forbion


Forbion was formerly known as ABN AMRO Capital Life Sciences. It was transitioned to Forbion Capital Partners in 2006. After numerous changes, now it is just called Forbion. They have over 20 years of experience in the field. They’ve closely worked with a good number of life sciences companies. Forbion has managing experience of more than €2.3 billion across ten funds. They've invested in 95+ companies to date, with 43 active portfolio companies as of October 2022. Their investors include the European Investment Fund (EIF), LfA, Dutch Venture Initiative (DVI), AMUF facilities, and Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KFW) etc.


Founding Year: 2006

Investment Range: €1M to €10M

Stage: Early to Growth

Sector: Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Healthcare

Investment Geography: Europe (Focuses on Netherlands)

Notable Investments: enGene, F2G, NeRRe, Numab

6. Gapminder VC

Gapminder VC

Gap Minder is a €45 million Venture Capital Fund. They support IT Software and Services startups in Romania and Central Eastern Europe. Their investment philosophy revolves around three core principles—Innovation, People, and Impact. Gap Minder focuses on nurturing innovative technologies, bold ideas, and strong leaders, with a focus on creativity and market impact. 


Founding Year: 2017

Investment Range: €200K to €2M

Stage: Seed, Series A

Sector: Fintech, SaaS, E-commerce, Customer Service

Investment Geography: Europe (Focused on Romania and Netherlands)

Notable Investments: Fintech OS, TypingDNA, Frisbo, Cartloop, Aggero

7. Graduate Entrepreneur Fund

Graduate Entrepreneur Fund

Graduate Entrepreneurs Fund is a dynamic force in the Dutch startup scene. They focus on fueling founders' ambitions while offering funding and support. They are known for providing a launchpad for innovative ideas with a strong emphasis on startups brewing from the universities of Delft and Rotterdam. They have total a fund of €58M that is aimed to get used by the early-stage founders. Their vast network also helps in growth. For founders in the Netherlands, Graduate Entrepreneurs is a valuable partner in turning dreams into reality.


Founding Year: 2021

Investment Range: €100K to €5M

Stage:  Early to Late Growth

Sector: Multi

Investment Geography: Netherlands

Notable Investments: Authic Labs, Auto-Pilot, BASH, Bladesense,

8. Newion


Newion is a dedicated B2B SaaS venture capital fund. It is based off Amsterdam. It focuses on early-stage companies in IT, SAAS, Cloud, and B2B Software. With a portfolio of 25+ companies, Newion actively engages with its investments. It provides strategic and financial support. Their approach is all about 'Controlled Growth.' Newion’s belief in lean startup methodology and industry expertise sets them apart from others. Their commitment to fostering tech innovation shines through makes them a valuable resource for emerging companies.


Founding Year: 2000

Investment Range: €1M to €5M

Stage: Early 

Sector: B2B SaaS & Software

Investment Geography:  Europe (Focuses on Netherlands)

Notable Investments: DelphAi, Prepr, Foleon, Synple, Servoy

9. Peak


Peak Capital is a top venture capital fund. They focus on early-stage startups in Europe, with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Stockholm. They're unique because they're founded and run by entrepreneurs who value clear communication. With over a decade of experience, they specialize in helping marketplace, platform, and SaaS startups grow, mainly before the Series-A stage.


Founding Year: 2007

Investment Range: €100K to €1M

Stage: Idea to Series A

Sector: Tech, Software, SaaS

Investment Geography: Europe

Notable Investments: Trengo, DREM, Melon, Neople

10. Rockstart


Rockstart is an early-stage VC accelerator. They support purpose-driven founders in Energy, AgriFood, and Emerging Technologies by providing capital, expertise, and valuable connections. Rockstart has backed 300+ startups with a total alumni value exceeding $1 billion. Their international team of 45+ professionals helps founders become scalable and create positive global impact.


Founding Year: 2011

Investment Range: €100K - €5M

Stage: Early

Sector: Energy, AgriFood, Technology

Investment Geography: Netherlands

Notable Investments: iClinic, Pantrii, Hubs, Dexter, Nordetect

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