Top 10 VC Firms in Spain

Spain has a relatively younger startup culture than the rest of Europe. Being new in the industry, it is a cost-effective market too. Barcelona and Madrid are the leading hubs of the country. There are also multiple VC firms growing alongside to back the talents. We’ve gone through a big list, and in this blog, we’ll try to talk about the top 10 prominent players of the market who might back your next brilliant idea. Here's the list:

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1. Mundi Ventures

Mundi Ventures

Mundi Ventures is a global venture capital firm. It specializes in helping early and growing tech startups. They've invested in over 60 companies and focus on using technology to solve tough modern problems. Their areas of interest are insurtech, fintech, enterprise tech, and businesses that serve Spanish-speaking communities worldwide. Mundi Ventures is known for strongly supporting visionary and mission-driven founders. They offer more than just money; they provide a valuable network and expertise to help startups thrive and succeed.


Founding Year: 2015

Investment Range: €500K to €5M

Stage: Early, Growth

Sector: Technology-based companies with B2B and B2B2C business models

Investment Geography: Spain

Notable Investments: Betterfly, Raincoat, Shift, Sami

2. All Iron Ventures

All Iron Ventures

All Iron Ventures is a venture capital firm with around €110 million in assets. The firm was founded by the masterminds behind Ticketbis—a global marketplace that eBay acquired in 2016. This firm specializes in early-stage investments across Europe. They actively support startups aiming to revolutionize the tech world for consumers and enterprises. Having walked in the shoes of entrepreneurs themselves, All Iron Ventures brings practical experience to the table, assisting founders with their projects and growth. Their commitment lies in leveraging their resources and knowledge to help startups succeed in the competitive world of technology.


Founding Year: 2018

Investment Range: €100K to €5M

Stage: Early, Seed

Sector: Software Services

Investment Geography: Europe

Notable Investments: Abound, Skyfri, Sunhero, Refurbed, Preply

3. Cabiedes & Partners

Cabiedes & Partners

Cabiedes & Partners was founded in 1998. They are a venture capital firm in Madrid, Spain. They invest in companies at different stages, including seed, early, and later stages. They primarily support businesses in B2C, retail, IoT, and technology sectors within Spain.


Founding Year: 1998

Investment Range: €200K - €10M

Stage: Seed, Early and Later

Sector: Various (Qith a focus on technology and e-commerce)

Investment Geography: Europe, Latin America

Notable Investments: GIGAS, Privalia, Deporvillage

4. JME Ventures

JME Ventures

JME is a venture capital firm based in Madrid, Spain. They are focus on early-stage technology startups. JME venture invests in companies throughout Europe and occasionally in the US. Their investment scope ranges from seed-stage funding to larger Series A rounds, and they aim to provide ongoing support throughout a company's financing journey. Beyond offering venture capital, JME brings their experience in scaling businesses, corporate finance, and technology to help entrepreneurs transform their innovative concepts into successful enterprises.


Founding Year: 2009

Investment Range: €100K - €5M

Stage: Idea to Exit

Sector: Technology, FinTech, EdTech

Investment Geography: Global

Notable Investments: Flywire, Voi , Lingokids, Chekin, Flanks

5. K Fund

K Fund

K Fund is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. Founded in 2016 by Inaki Arolla, Carina Szpilka, and Ian Noel, it's headquartered in Madrid with additional offices in Barcelona and Lisbon. The firm aims to support the growth of digital-first companies and contribute to the development of the Spanish startup ecosystem.


Founding Year: 2016

Investment Range: €100k - €10M

Stage: Early

Sector: Multi

Investment Geography: Spain, Portugal, Latin America

Notable Investments:  Factorial, Trebellar, LGFM, Bdeo, nflux

6. Kibo Ventures

Kibo Ventures

Kibo Ventures was founded in 2012 in Madrid. They help European tech entrepreneurs grow. They launched a €200 million fund to transform underdeveloped industries. They invest in early-stage global companies, support hiring, provide strategy guidance, and have a strong history of successful exits, selling over 10 companies to global players.


Founding Year: 2012

Investment Range: €3M - €4M

Stage: Early

Sector: Multi

Investment Geography: Primarily Spain and Europe

Notable Investments: acurable, captio, coverwallet, Devo, EnjoyHQ

7. Lanta Digital Ventures

Lanta Digital Ventures

Lanta Digital Ventures is based in Barcelona, Spain. They invest in startups across Spain and Europe. They're unique because they have experienced founders, CEOs, and executives who help startups succeed. Their network of advisors and experts is impressive. LANTA looks for startups in Internet, Technology, Education, and Healthcare. They're all about turning smart ideas into successful companies.


Founding Year: 2013

Investment Range: €500K to €2 million

Stage: Early to Seed

Sector: Internet, Mobile, Healthcare, Technology

Investment Geography: Europe

Notable Investments: Traity, Apartum, restbai, tripUniq, Populetic

8. Nauta Capital

Nauta Capital

Nauta Capital is a prominent Pan-European venture capital firm specializing in early-stage technology companies. They manage over half a billion in assets with a team of 24 experts. It stands as one of Europe's largest venture capital firms with a focus on B2B solutions.

Nauta Capital invests across various sectors, showing particular interest in B2B SaaS solutions with robust network effects, enterprise technologies targeting specific industries, and those employing deep-tech applications to tackle large enterprise challenges. The firm has offices in London, Barcelona, and Berlin.


Founding Year: 2004

Investment Range: €1 to €5M

Stage: Early to Growth

Sector: Technology, Software

Investment Geography: Europe, United States

Notable Investments: MindFlow, Stockagile, Tangany, Climedo, Nauta Labs

9. Samaipata


Samaipata is an early-stage founders' fund. It invests in digital businesses with network effects across Europe and beyond. Founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs José del Barrio and Eduardo Díez-Hochleitner, the fund supports startups in various sectors. José co-founded Spain's top food-delivery platform, sold for $100 million, while Eduardo founded a 3D sound system acquired by Dolby. His impressive career includes roles as a Partner at Apax Partners, a prolific business angel, and current Chairman at MásMóvil, valued at €20 billion, a Southern European Decacorn. Samaipata's mission is to empower digital entrepreneurs.


Founding Year: 2016

Investment Range: €500k to €2M

Stage: Early to Growth

Sector: Multi

Investment Geography: Europe

Notable Investments: Embat, deporvillage, Matera, Legl, 


10. Ysios Capital

Ysios Capital

Ysios Capital is a top Spanish venture capital firm. It offers private equity funding to early and mid-stage life science companies specializing in groundbreaking therapeutic products and platform technologies. Established in 2008, Ysios Capital oversees more than USD 420 million across three dedicated life sciences funds. Their team comprises experienced professionals with a track record in developing biotech companies.


Founding Year: 2008

Investment Range: €1M to €20M

Stage: Early, Mid Stage

Sector: Biotechnology, Healthcare, Life Sciences

Investment Geography: Europe, US

Notable Investments: Adcendo, Cytoki Pharma, Synendos, Babyscripts, BioVex 

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