Top 10 VC Funds in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin is considered the largest venture capital hub in the Midwest. The state has attracted over $2.3 billion in investments since 2003 and is home to many successful startups. Investors and prominent VC firms are willing to invest in booming businesses. To assist founders, we have compiled a list of the top 10 VC funds in Wisconsin. Here's the list:

1. Venture Investors LLC


Venture Investors is a Midwest-based firm. It actively pursues groundbreaking healthcare innovations. Benefiting from close ties to prestigious research universities and vibrant communities, they specialize in identifying and investing in exceptional ideas shaping the future of health and wellness. With a track record spanning decades, Venture Investors currently manages assets exceeding $200 million, propelling the evolution of healthcare solutions.


Founding Year: 2002

Investment Range: $250K - $2M

Stage: Early 

Sector: Healthcare, Medical Devices, Tools/Diagnostics, Biopharma, Digital Health

Investment Geography: Midwest

Notable Investments: Intralase, LensX, Elephas, Dvant Pharma, InVenra

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2. 4490 Ventures


4490 Ventures invests in cutting-edge tech companies embracing the web3 era. They support bold entrepreneurs who challenge norms, combining IoT, data analytics, and software for a competitive edge. With a focus on early-stage opportunities, they shape strategies and teams, prioritizing impact over traditional tech hubs like Silicon Valley.


Founding Year: 2014

Investment Range: $5M - $8M

Stage: Early

Sector: Web3-enabled Enterprise Software, Health Technology, Internet of Things (IoT), and SaaS 

Investment Geography: Midatlantic, Midwest, and West Coast of the United States

Notable Investments:  Level Ex, Networked Insights, SwervePay

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3. Lubar & Co.


Lubar & Co., is a Milwaukee-based private investment firm. It is a family-owned business supporting the growth of various enterprises. With a proactive Professional Ownership approach, they invest not only capital but also collaborative effort to help companies flourish. Specializing in a buy-and-build strategy, Lubar & Co. seeks management teams prepared for growth, leveraging decades of experience and financial expertise. They focus on enriching lives, ensuring legacies thrive, and achieving sustainable success for their portfolio companies.


Founding Year: 1960

Investment Range: $20M - $100M

Stage: Lubar & Co. is a private equity firm that does not invest with an exit strategy. They start with and are committed to a long-term growth strategy

Sector: Manufacturing, Industrial Products and Services, Healthcare, Banking, Food, Energy

Investment Geography: Upper Midwest

Notable Investments: Savoy Exploration, Vizit, Panorama Mortgage Group, American Pasteurization Company, and FreshCo

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4. Baird Capital


Baird Capital is a global investment firm. It specializes in venture capital, growth equity, and private equity across strategic sectors worldwide. As dedicated value creators, they spot outstanding opportunities and collaborate with experienced industry leaders to develop top-tier companies. With profound sector expertise, strong ties to entrepreneurial management, and a 60-strong team across the United States, U.K., and Asia, Baird Capital consistently delivers value to its portfolio companies.


Founding Year: 1989

Investment Range: $10M - $50M

Stage: Early, Expansion

Sector:  B2B (Technology, Service)

Investment Geography: United States, Europe, and Asia

Notable Investments: Signal, Greenlight Biosciences, Arrive

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5. American Family Ventures


American Family Ventures has been a big player in insurtech since 2010. They work closely with startups and insurance companies, helping startups grow from the beginning and investing between $250,000 and $10 million. They focus on new ideas in insurance and the technologies that make them work. With their special way of doing things, they're a key partner for anyone trying to figure out the changing world of insurance.


Founding Year: 2010

Investment Range: $200K - $10M

Stage: Seed, Early

Sector: Business Products, Business Services, Consumer Products, Consumer Services, Financial Services, Information Technology

Investment Geography: United States 

Notable Investments: Bold Penguin, One Inc, YourMechanic 

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6. HealthX Ventures


HealthX Ventures is a forward-thinking venture capital firm in digital healthcare. They invest in innovative companies working to make healthcare safer, more efficient, and affordable. Based near Epic Systems’ Madison, WI headquarters, HealthX, led by experienced entrepreneurs and investors, provides valuable support to its portfolio. With a focus on operational assistance, industry knowledge, and networking, the firm helps its invested companies thrive.


Founding Year: 2015

Investment Range: $1M - $3M

Stage: Early, Seed

Sector: Digital Healthcare

Investment Geography: Based in Madison, Wisconsin

Notable Investments: AMOpportunities, RxLightning, CHILD Health Imprints, Arcascope, RehabPath, EnsoData, CancerIQ, Ideawake, Wellbe

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7. gener8tor


gener8tor is a venture capital firm and accelerator, known nationally for its diverse programs. They bring together startup founders, investors, companies, universities, artists, and people looking for jobs. gener8tor's main goal is simple: give everyone a fair chance, no matter where they come from. They want to be the top choice for communities that invest in their most talented people. They hope to see real and positive changes through programs that include everyone. gener8tor really cares about the well-being of the communities they help.


Founding Year: 2012

Investment Range: Undisclosed

Stage: Early

Sector: Software, IT, Web, SaaS, E-commerce, Hardware

Investment Geography: United States

Notable Investments: ReviewTrackers, Cultured Decadence, ThirdPartyTrust

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8. Winnow Fund


Winnow Fund is a prominent venture capital firm. It specializes in funding early-stage innovations in Wisconsin. Industry-agnostic, it targets proof of concept and pre-seed stage startups throughout the state, with a keen interest in opportunities emerging from Wisconsin's educational institutions.


Founding Year: 2021

Investment Range: $250K - $500K

Stage: Seed

Sector: Various

Investment Geography: Wisconsin

Notable Investments: KaPloint, Inc.

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9. American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact


The goal of the American Family Insurance Institute is to lessen inequality in the U.S. They support forward-thinking entrepreneurs who are making a positive difference in areas such as job opportunities and community strength. They are keen on diversity and join conversations in their field. Their emphasis on making a lasting impact in society is evident in their dedication to social change and venture capital.


Founding Year: 2018

Investment Range: $1.5M - $10M

Stage: Seed, Series A

Sector: It invests in scalable social enterprises in the following areas: economic opportunity for all, healthy youth development, equity in education, and resilient communities

Investment Geography: United States

Notable Investments: Kai XR, AnswersNow, Beam, MathTalk, CNote, Paladin, Babbly, StormSensor

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10. TitletownTech


TitletownTech is a collaboration between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft. It is a venture capital firm. Specializing in early-stage, high-growth ventures, they provide strategic investments.


Founding Year: 2019

Investment Range: $200K - $2M

Stage: Early-stage, from pre-revenue to Series A

Sector: Sports, Media & Entertainment, Digital Health, Agriculture, Water, & Environment; Manufacturing & Construction; Supply Chain & Logistics

Investment Geography: U.S. and Canada

Notable Investments: Midwest Games, Croux, Springbok Analytics,, IVO Systems, PorterLogic

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Shark Tank a VC firm?

A: No, SharkTank is similar to Angel Investing, where rich individuals invest small amounts of money from their own savings into new businesses.

Venture Capital is different. It's when a group of professional investors, called Venture Capitalists, gather money from big investors and wealthy individuals (known as Limited Partners). Then, they invest larger sums into more established startups.

Q: What is the largest VC fund in the US?

A: The largest VC firm in the United States is Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), with assets under management totaling $35 billion. They're in California and started in 2009. They put money into different kinds of companies, like tech and healthcare. Some famous companies they've invested in are Facebook and Airbnb.

Q: Do VC firms pay well?

A: Venture capital usually pays better than corporate development but not as much as private equity and hedge funds. At big VC firms, associates without an MBA can make $150K to $200K, while those with an MBA might rake in $200K to $250K. You might also ask, 'Do startups pay well?' Here's your answer.

Q: How many VC firms fail?

A: According to experts at The National Venture Capital Association, they believe that around 25% to 30% of startups supported by VC funding end up failing.

Best of luck with your amazing ventures.

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