Subject: [Startup Name] - Investor Update [Month/Year]

by Basetemplates

Hi everyone!

Here are our updates for this month.

  • <# of paying users: 40 (+25% compared to last month)>
  • <# of logins/user/day: 1.73 (+38%)>
  • <Users active after 60 days: 37.5% (-8%)>
  • <Employees: 5>
  • <Monthly burn: $42k>
  • <Runway: 19 months>

Notable Events

  • <We were featured in TechCrunch which led to 173 trial customers and 8 new users. [link to TechCrunch article]>
  • <We hired Joe Smith as our first VP of Sales. Joe was a Sr. Director at Salesforce for the last 6 years and graduated from Yale.>

  • <We are still looking for junior front-end engineer. We went to three college career fairs last month and now have 84 potential candidates in our hiring pipeline.>

  • <Our main web server crashed on Feb 23rd and we have three and a half hours of downtime. Several customers called to complain, and we offered them a 50% discount for the month. We will be working this month on improving the fault tolerance of our system.>
  • <We are still looking for a DevOps engineers and don’t have many good leads.>

  • <We’ve been trying to close a deal with XYZ corp for 4 months, and they decided to go with RelateIQ instead of us. This would’ve been a landmark deal for the company. We’ve followed up with XYZ to learn what we could have done better and will be incorporating their feedback in March and April.>
  • <We are looking for a good DevOps engineer. If you know someone who might be a good fit, please let us know.>
  • <We love getting intros to potential customers. Our ideal customers right now are startups with $1m-$10 in revenue and 3-10 salespeople.>
  • <If you have a few minutes, we’d love to get feedback on our newly redesigned Contacts page: [link to Contacts page].>