Accelerated Startup: Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Startup Dreams Come True From Idea to Product to Company

Vitaly M. Golomb, Haje Jan Kamps

"Vitaly has nailed the things you need to think about as you start a company."
– Robert Scoble, Partner, Transformation Group

Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist and Serial Entrepreneur teaches how to succeed in taking your startup from idea to product to company.

Accelerated Startup takes entrepreneurs through the startup minefield from fostering revolutionary ideas to building the right team and launching the product to raising angel and venture capital to finding the first 10,000 customers and ultimately taking the company to a successful exit. It is filled with practical lessons learned from years of hands-on experience, until now, available only in top startup accelerator programs. 

"As startups take over the world of business, understanding how to create one is more important than ever. Vitaly explains how it is done in Silicon Valley, where the lessons can be applied to any entrepreneur in the world."
– Brad Feld, Co-founder, Techstars and Managing Director, Foundry Group

“Startups are changing the World and Vitaly shows, step-by-step, how it`s done faster while avoiding company-killing mistakes.”
– Peter Vesterbacka, founder of Slush and former Mighty Eagle, Rovio/Angry Birds

"This book is filled with wisdom about entrepreneurship, fundraising and startup life (including its compromise). It is a valuable read for anyone interested in business, regardless of where they are in their own careers."
– Robin Wauters, Founding Editor, Tech.EU

“If only every entrepreneur would read this book, they would save themselves huge amounts of pain and suffering.  Vitaly guides you through not just the how, but also the why, of launching and growing a company.  This book is so much more valuable than all the shallow blogs and tip sheets entrepreneurs are bombarded with.  Thanks, Vitaly!”  
– Bill Reichert, Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures

"The book I wish I had read before embarking on the crazy journey of tech entrepreneurship."
– Renaud Visage, Co-founder and CTO, Eventbrite

Vitaly M. Golomb is a venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author who has been involved with startups since his teenage years. He is a Global Corporate Venturing 2017 Rising Star and leads global investments at HP Tech Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Silicon Valley’s original startup. He is a contributing writer to TechCrunch and a consistently top-ranked mentor at a number of startup accelerator programs in the US, Europe, and Asia. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and travels to over 20 countries annually to consult and guest lecture to corporations, associations and universities on entrepreneurship, innovation and design.