Burning Entrepreneur: How to Launch, Fund, and Set Your Startup on Fire

Brad Feld


The Burning Man, the storied ritual of self-expression, has evolved into The Burning Entrepreneur, the ultimate self-expression through start-up success. Renowned tech investor and start-up guru Brad Feld lights YOU on fire with this insider`s book that will teach you how to launch, fund and run your own company. If you`re already an entrepreneur or have always dreamed of being one, douse yourself in “Feld Thoughts” and catch the spark. You`ll be burning, entrepreneur, with this e-book!.

Brad`s blog is a backstage pass to the 24/7 rock show that is tech startups. It is a master class in startup investing for givers and takers of funds. It is a rolling critique of tech products vast and simple (with enough edge to make the most scathing restaurant critic in Manhattan blush). And it is the journal of a peripatetic marathoner who still believes he will crack the four-hour mark someday.

From such Feld Thoughts, we have constructed “The Burning Entrepreneur,” the e-book on startups that you would take to a desert island if it had electricity, a decent Internet connection and angel investors. “The Burning Entrepreneur” illuminates the actions and attitudes required to launch, fund and ignite your startup. Brad Feld is on fire. Find out what happens when you stand too close.

- Introduction
- Be on Fire
- Be In Love With Your Business
- Don`t Be in the 99%
- Ignorance Is Success
- Meet the New Boss, NOT the Same as the Old Boss
- Hire the Right People
- It`s the Product, Stupid!
- Learning to Program: A Case Study
- I Don`t Hate Marketing: Neither Should You
- OK, It`s Really the Money, Stupid
- Keeping Your You-Know-What Together
- Burning Examples
- Conclusion
- Recommended Books for Burning Entrepreneurs


It was during that car ride that my dad hit me with words that would prove to be fundamental for me: “If you aren’t standing on the edge you are taking up too much space.” Thirty years later that line continues to be a defining characteristic for how I live my life. I’m constantly pushing, looking for the edge of whatever I do. (pg 14)

Over time, I’ve learned that none of the short-term moves in the stock market matter at all in my life. It’s occasionally entertaining to turn on CNBC and see my friend Paul Kedrosky in the octobox telling all the other people that they don’t actually understand macro-economics, but it’s no different than watching McEnroe when he’s announcing a Nadal–Federer match. It’s just sport. (pg 33)

I don’t create products anymore (I invest in companies that create them), but I’m a great alpha tester. I’ve always been good at this for some reason — bugs just find me. While my UX design skills are merely adequate, I’ve got a great feel for how to simplify things and make them cleaner. (pg 58)

If you are someone who spends 30 minutes or more a day “organizing yourself,” I encourage you to step back and think about what you could change and how that might shift you from focusing on organizing to working toward outcomes. It’s liberating. (pg 103)

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