How to F*ck Up Your Startup: The Science Behind Why 90% of Companies Fail--and How You Can Avoid It

Kim Hvidkjaer

Every business owner dreams of success, but the majority of businesses are doomed to fail.

This book offers a journey through the pitfalls that cause 90% of companies to crash—and the crucial remedies entrepreneurs can use to avoid (or fix) them.

Kim Hvidkjaer was 29 years old when he became a millionaire. Two years later, after a cluster of disasters, he found himself basically broke. Now, having rebuilt his fortune as the founder of several successful enterprises and studied thousands of failed startups, Hvidkjaer has become an expert in failure: what it means, what it looks like, and the strategies that business owners can use to prevent it.

In How to F*ck Up Your Startup, he takes us on an entertaining and enlightening journey through the complex patterns of failure in the life cycle of a business, covering:
• Attitude mistakes
• Business model missteps
• Market research snafus
• Funding and financial blunders
• Product development errors
• Organization oversights
• Sales slip-ups
• Growing pains

Most important, he tackles what to do when your business has gone wrong.

Hvidkjaer fleshes out a tangible, usable blueprint for entrepreneurs looking to learn (the easy way) from the mistakes of businesses gone before. Chock-full of easy-to-follow business lessons that will keep you from f*cking up your startup, this down-to-earth guide offers crucial, actionable advice for seasoned business owners and startup founders alike.

A masterclass in failure, How to F*ck Up Your Startup is required reading for reaching success.