Launch Tomorrow: The Non-Designer`s Guide to Using a Landing Page to Launch a Lean Startup

Luke Szyrmer, Perry Marshall

Two different founders had the same idea, at the same time last spring. It happens pretty frequently with breakthrough innovations. Great minds think alike.

Anyway, there’s not much differentiating the two founders. They’re both driven. They’re smart. They know the tech will probably work, based on accumulated experience. And they’re willing to work hard to create the future.

Recently, these men were profiled in the press–you know, industry piece.They were still very much alike. Happily married, two kids, one investor. And both were still running the business they founded earlier.

But there was one difference, though. One of them had just put together a modest launch after silently sweating over the product for well over a year. The other was riding a rapidly growing seven figure business like a mounted bullfighter in a kids’ cartoon.

What was the difference, then? The difference lies in how quickly founders learn, and how quickly founders apply that knowledge.

This book is about that side project of yours. Regardless of whether you are a hacker or a hustler, this book will show you there is much more to landing pages than button colors. In this book, you will discover:

How to lay bare your chosen market so that you can enter it effectively
Finding an effective source of customer acquisition for both validation and sales, so that you can acquire prospects and customers like twisting a spigot handle
Using previously unavailable quantitative tools for fast early-stage validation
How to find the right audience for a product, and prove ready to pay for a product, even if you don`t have one yet
Positioning a product relative to other products, so that it stands out and attracts
Confidently test a product idea to prove unmet demand exists
Determine and test a clear go-to-market strategy
How to ethically convince people to convert if you’re just starting up and don`t have a track record yet
Strategies for focused market entry, in order to conserve your limited resources while learning about your target market
Which metrics actually matter when making your early (or even first) sale
The critical yet often overlooked components of using a landing page successfully (it’s not what you think)
Specific case studies of how landing pages were used as minimum viable products, far from the typical split test you see in on-line marketing
Examples of initial landing pages of the multi-billion dollar tech giants
What keywords to target, in order to make that first sale!

Nice Things People Have Said

"When I first saw the title I thought `yeah, right - he`s probably going to tell me how to win the lottery tomorrow too.` But by the time I finished the book I not only genuinely believed it could be done, but had begun furiously taking notes."
--Glenn Livingston, Ph. D., former co-founder of advertising agency Rocket Clicks, online market research pioneer

"This is a must read if you have an idea for a startup and you want to create the right landing page to sell your idea before spending a lot of money building your product."
--Dharmesh Raithatha, Product Partner, Forward Partners

“In my corporate consulting days, I used to tell my clients market research is a waste of time, because projects usually took 3 months and required a budget of $50-150K.