Leading Lean: Ensuring Success and Developing a Framework for Leadership

Jean Dahl

Companies from startups to corporate giants face massive amounts of disruption today. Now more than ever, organizations need nimble and responsive leaders who know how to exploit the opportunities that change brings. In this insightful book, Jean Dahl, a senior executive and expert in the Lean mindset and its methods, demonstrates why you need to embrace Modern Lean principles and thinking to redefine leadership in this age of digital disruption in order to continuously evolve the Lean enterprise.

Drawing on nearly three decades of corporate and consulting experience, Ms. Dahl lays out a new holistic framework for developing Modern Lean leaders. Through personal experiences and compellingreal-world case studies, she explains specific steps necessary for you and your company to proactively understand and respond to change.

Understand the leadership challenges Lean leaders face in our 21st century global economy
Explore the six dimensions of the Modern Lean Framework(TM)
Learn and apply the nine steps necessary to become a Lean leader
Use Modern Lean methods to build a culture of continuous learning that can be sustained and maintained within your organization
Seize competitive advantage by embracing Modern Lean to tbuild an enterprise that understands how to respond to disruption