Let`s Build a Company: A Start-up Story Minus the Bullshit

Harpreet S Grover, Vibhore Goyal

Harpreet Grover and Vibhore Goyal met in college and then spent the next decade of their lives building a company before exiting successfully.

One way to tell their story is this: they had a dream, they followed it and, then, through perseverance, they made it come true.

But that`s not really the truth. Like everything in life-at least everything worth having-it wasn`t that simple. There was blood, sweat and tears, there was loss of capital, loss of friendship and even a loss of faith along the way.

It started with a phone call from Harpreet`s mother introducing him to an uncle who wanted some help. Or maybe it started when Vibhore and Harpreet met as roommates in Room 143 at IIT Bombay. What remains true is that soon both had quit their jobs and launched CoCubes. From no money in their bank accounts for eight years after graduating to becoming dollar millionaires two years later in 2016, this is a tale of grit-of a company built in India by two Indian-middle-class-twenty-somethings-turned-entrepreneurs-written in the hope that you can avoid the mistakes they made and learn from what they did right.

This is that story-the story that you don`t always hear. But if you want to be an entrepreneur, and you prefer straight talk to sugar-coating, it`s one you should read.