Overdeliver: Build a Business for a Lifetime Playing the Long Game in Direct Response Marketing

Brian Kurtz

Known as the "guru of direct response marketing," Brian Kurtz distills the expertise he`s gained after almost four decades in the industry to teach readers how to build a business that lasts a lifetime on the fundamentals of direct response.

Marketing is critical to every kind of business, whether you`re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned marketer. In this book, "titan" of direct marketing Brian Kurtz teaches you how to find and sell to your audience without ever losing sight of the people you are selling to, and without compromising on the respect and care they deserve.
This book is about direct marketing, or "measurable marketing," in any medium. Direct marketing is the only way to get a specific return on your investment--every time you run a campaign, there has to be some way to measure it. Brian shows you how to track what is effective in marketing to the people in your target audience and how to diversify your marketing to ensure you can provide for them over the long haul.
Brian explains the 4 Pillars of Being Extraordinary, the 5 Principles of Original Source, how to track the metrics that matter, strategies and tactics to build a responsive database (list building), how to tailor offers to your list, the 7 Characteristics of World-Class Copy-Writers, multichannel marketing, the importance of customer service, how to overdeliver, and so much more!