Scale: Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back

Jeff Hoffman, David Finkel

A concrete road map to rapidly grow your business without overextending yourself

Business owners want growth, but they fear that growth will take over their lives. The surprising truth is that the only way to truly scale your company is to reduce its reliance on you. This means that, done right, you get growth without sacrificing your life.
Jeff Hoffman and David Finkel offer a blueprint to rapidly grow your existing business while also gaining more freedom. Their three-level action plan, based on their own experiences starting, scaling, and effectively exiting from multiple successful companies, helps you determine the best strategy for growth in your own company. More important, they provide practical advice on how to execute in the face of conflicting demands and multiple responsibilities. By breaking down the path to scaling into seven principles, any owner can increase profits and their own freedom.
Scale is for entrepreneurs who wonder if they really own their business, or if their business owns them.