Smart Start-Ups: How Entrepreneurs and Corporations Can Profit by Starting Online Communities

A. David Silver

Praise for Smart Start-Ups
"Silver`s new book is a masterpiece of clarity concerning the next great entrepreneurial wave, and my only problem with it was the charley horse in my elbow I got turning the pages."
-Robin Richards, founding President,, and CEO, Notification Technologies Inc.
"Silver is a modern-day Prometheus. For community entrepreneurs, Smart Start-Ups contains the secrets of fire from the heavens. If you work with communities of any kind, you ignore this book at your own peril."
-John Szeder, former senior game developer, Digital Chocolate, Inc., and CEO, Mofactor, Inc.
"Silver dives in and pulls the naked truth out of the world of online communities. There`s nothing like it on the shelves. He speaks with the best and brightest in the mobile and online community markets."
-Sean Malatesta, founder, Yack Media Services, and Vice President, Indiagames, Inc.
"Smart Start-Ups is a must-read for any aspiring Internet entrepreneur. Silver cuts right to the heart of the important fact that communities are like entire nations, but without geographic borders, and they`re creating the greatest transformation since the Industrial Revolution."
-Clarence Briggs, founder and CEO,
"Silver`s book is an excellent, captivating, ingenious, and essential read for anyone who wants to know how to create wealth by starting an online community. One mark of a great book is that it makes you see things in a new way; Silver certainly succeeds in that respect."
-Kyle E. Gillman, founder and CEO, Forgefinder, Inc.