from your first paying customer to a vibrant user community

Following on the heels of her greatly successful Entrepedia, which was all about how to start your business, Nandini Vaidyanathan is back with a wonderful, racy guide on how to grow your business.

Once you have taken the plunge and started your own business, you need to do all the right things to grow it organically. Start Up, Stand Up chalks out the blueprint for the journey from your first paying customer to building a vibrant user community for your products and creating mindshare in them as a goto brand. Divided into 20 sutras, it is your Bible for all the things you should – and should not! – be doing to grow your company.

This book draws in large measure from the author’s experience of mentoring over 2000 entrepreneurs, spanning a decade and covering 300+ domains. It tells you how you can stand up once you have started up. You will be treated to an enviably rich, variegated and dynamic library of usecases that depict goofups and good practices, misadventures and exhilarating journeys, misdemeanours and textbook fairness, and hubris and humility.

As spirited and informative as a têteàtête with the author, and just as effective, Start Up, Stand Up gives you muchneeded and valuable insights into how to grow your company successfully.

Nandini Vaidyanathan is a seasoned management professional with over 20 years of experience in MNC’s. For the last 10 years, she has been teaching entrepreneurship in various prominent business schools around the world. Vaidyanathan is the founder of CARMa – Creating Access to Resources and Markets – a company that was set up in 2010 to mentor entrepreneurs across the globe. Her book Entrepedia has remained a huge bestseller since its launch in 2011. Vaidyanathan is a prolific writer and blogger and is regularly on the jury of business events and television shows. She is also an acclaimed TED speaker and was named Business Woman of the Year by Business Goa (2014).