Startup Fundraising: How Successful Founders Raise Capital for Their Startups: Building an Investible Company, Pitching to Investors, Negotiating the Deal, and Everything Else Tech Founders Must Do

Atal Malviya

You have a great start-up idea.You decide to take the plunge and start your own company.You find like-minded friends who come together, and you start building the company.You realize you need money, loads of it, to pursue your dream. You decide to raise funds and do it successfully immediately.In a perfect world where things fell into place when we wished, this would be a possibility. However, we live in a world that is far from perfect and is highly competitive. In 2017 alone, more than 11,000 start-ups received funding amounting to $164 billion (as per CB Insights and PricewaterhouseCoopers). Sounds heartening? It isn’t! Globally only 11,042 start-ups received funding. Why did the thousands of start-ups which had been launched in the last few years not succeed in raising funds? This book is written for startup founders to prepare them for successful fund raising for their company. From working on the core components of the startup to preparation of right documents and pitching to the investors, this book covers all key aspects of fund raising. Atal Malviya, the founder of Spark10 has built and exited VC funded companies and has also helped hundreds of startups in raising investment globally. Spark10 has worked with investors and founders closely to fill the gaps and induct the most promising startups into its accelerator program while providing opportunities to savvy investors. This book is written by investors who see hundreds of deals on a regular basis and follow the same core pattern before taking a call - this book is the summary of that core pattern and components that investors look for, before making an investment decision. The book also talks about right and wrong investors and how founders must be wary while choosing their future investor partners. In this book, founders will also find links to useful recourses such as sample pitch deck, sample cashflow statements, and business plan structure that is usually shared with Spark10 companies joining the accelerator. Praise for Startup Fundraising Book - If you don`t know which to read first out of the thousands of books on startups, then Atal’s "Startup Fundraising" provides you with a crisp, concise and practical overview. Atal`s personal experience as an entrepreneur enables him to cut through the clutter and focus on the real questions. He lays out each of the key issues you face and gives you a great jumping off point for your journey.- Rupert Edwards, Founder & CEO at Spirit Labs As an entrepreneur one must comprehend that cash is the magnet for the development motor of an organization. Raising money is a vital and full-time project. This book tries to deliver all viewpoints related to fund raising and where investor willing to invest. Entrepreneurs can get benefited with this book to perceive the mindset of investor, type of investor they pick and what all they have to plan for raising support."- Amit Chandak, Co-founder & CTO at Progen Business Solutions First things first: Thank you Atal, for giving me access to your book to read through. I can say that I have really enjoyed it and I have learned a lot! This should be the Go-To-Book for you, no matter if you are an Investor trying to figure out in what start-up you should invest into, or a founder who wants to raise funds. The data is thoroughly researched and shows the high-end skill level of the author. He knows what he is talking about as he knows both sides. The investors point of view and the founders` point of view as well. This is very rare and makes this book a gem.- Richard Trummer, ICO Advisor and StrategistSo go ahead, read the book, spread the word and make a difference!