Startup Metrics: Making Sense of the Numbers in Your Startup

Useful, accurate data is essential to long-term startup business planning and strategy Startup Metrics is a comprehensive guide to implementing a plan that makes use of the metrics that make sense. Bestselling author Brad Feld draws upon two decades as an early-stage investor and entrepreneur to share the importance of data measurement, and how startup success depends on collecting the right data. The fourth in the Startup Rev series, this resource provides the insight and guidance of successful entrepreneurs who started with nothing more than an idea and the vision to execute on that idea. With a solid framework for understanding how good metrics drive profits and growth, you`ll learn to create a blueprint specific to your business, and gain the ability to manage every aspect of the company more effectively.

Startups are all the rage, but success requires more than just hanging out a shingle. Many entrepreneurs lack an understanding of the myriad forces that can work for or against a fledgling business, and as a result, miss out on profits and opportunities that could have kept the business afloat or even propelled it to greatness. Startup Metrics examines the importance of measurement in business planning, and why you cannot manage what you don`t measure. More than just a list of accounting methods, the book provides practical guidance toward strategic planning by using the data your business generates. Topics include:

What you should - and shouldn`t - measure Nailing down the useful metrics for your startup Startups vs. multinationals - why size matters Using your data to drive sustainable growth As an entrepreneur, you cannot rely on luck - you must be strategically aggressive and proactive in steering your company toward sustainable success. Startup Metrics provides the information and insight you need to take advantage of good, useful data that speaks to the health of your company.