Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us: How to Raise $1 Million for Your Startup - Even Outside of Silicon Valley

Mike Belsito, Lindsay Preston, Lynn-Ann Gries, Jay Donovan

You have aspirations for creating a startup company that will change the world, but need startup capital in order to make that happen. Where do you start? How can you raise serious funding when you don`t have many connections or live outside of a major startup community like Silicon Valley?

In this book, Mike Belsito not only proves that you can find the funding you need for your startup no matter where you`re located, but he shares specific details on how you can make that happen. Mike draws on his own experiences raising $1 Million for the Cleveland, Ohio-based startup company he co-founded, and combines it with insights gained by 14 other entrepreneurs and seed-stage investors from throughout the United States, including:
- David Cohen, Founder, Techstars
- Randy Komisar, Senior Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers
- Danielle Morrill, CEO, Mattermark
- Brian Trautchold, Co-Founder, Ambition
- Plus 10 others

Praise for the Book:

"...Well worth the investment!"
- Murray Newslands of Inc Magazine

"I wasn`t surprised to see this jump to the list of top startup books -- it is that good."
- Michael Flores in a post published on Huffington Post.

"A great resource for founders outside of Silicon Valley, Mike`s book walks the founder from Illinois, Ohio, or anywhere else outside of the Bay Area, and helps them navigate the complicated waters of making the connections and milestones necessary to raise venture funding. A hugely productive manual for getting started."
- Paul Lee, Entrepreneur and former Partner, Lightbank and Peacock Equity Fund

"I have assigned chapters of Mike`s book to my entrepreneurial finance students at Case Western Reserve University to highlight the challenges of raising capital from outside of Silicon Valley. Mike is an excellent storyteller and makes learning about the nuances of attracting early stage capital easy for anybody to understand."
- Michael Goldberg, Visiting Professor of Design and Innovation, Case Western Reserve University