The #1 Guide to Startup Valuation: How to Value Your Startup in 12 Easy Steps

Joachim Blazer

“Buy this book. It helps you to quickly negotiate the right valuation with investors, saving you a lot of time, money and frustration.” - Dirk de Bruijn, Founder at Swapfiets

"When aiming to raise investment, I cannot stress enough how important it was to dive into proper valuation methods. Joachim provided us with exactly the right tools and information to be able to construct a solid and substantiated valuation. It definitely helped us in successfully closing our seed round." - Graciëlla van Hamersveld - Co-Founder at Closure

“Glad to see Joachim share his knowledge into a book. With detailed examples, it helps entrepreneurs to build a clear and solid foundation before talking to investors.” - Jian Jiang, Co-Founder at ParkBee

“Joachim is an expert in capturing the essence of financial deals. A must read if you want to have a meaningful conversation with investors.” - Sander ten Kate, Founder/CEO at Senfal

“This book helps you understand the funding process and the investor`s perspective on it. Joachim`s method set us off to a good start and helped us make a professional impression throughout the valuation process.” - Ide Swager, Co-Founder at Momo Medical

When investors ask for a valuation, many founders choke. They stutter, stall or worse: ask the investor. The investor is puzzled. Founders can name the price for their product. Then why not for their shares?

The #1 Guide to Startup Valuation hands you the tools to value your startup. You will learn:

The difference between selling your product and raising money Why investors buy your shares The 4 building blocks of startup valuation How to value your startup if you raise money with equity How many shares you have to give away if you do a convertible How to choose between one and multiple exit scenarios How to choose between a convertible with a discount and a discount and a cap How to choose between equity and convertible debt
You can download all the spreadsheets that are used in this book FOR FREE. They make it easier to fully grasp the examples. And value your startup in less than 5 minutes.

If you don’t speak your investor’s language, negotiations fail. If you don’t understand an investor’s logic, negotiations fail. And if you can’t get your investor to agree on a fair valuation, negotiations fail. So, stop improvising. Save yourself the time, money and frustration. Get this book.

For founders. For seed rounds and Series A. For equity and convertible debt.