The 30 Day Startup: How to Create a Successful Tech Startup in 6 Weeks for Less than $50K

Sam Kamani, Will Schmidt

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Do you want to start a Tech Startup but have limited technical expertise? Or you interested in growing your startup?

The 30 Day Startup examines the concept of building a minimum viable product (MVP) in 6 weeks for under $50,000.

Sam Kamani and Will Schmidt will take you through case studies of how successful companies got started with their MVP in a matter of days instead of weeks and months. 

✨This book also covers practical steps and tactics on growth and scaling your startup. ✨

This book is divided into two main parts. 

The first half of the book focuses on:
✅ How to get started with an MVP (minimum viable product)
✅ Different type of MVPs to suit different business models, industries and startups
✅ Case studies and inspiring stories on how billion-dollar companies like Airbnb or Dropbox, as well as smaller not-so-famous but still successful and profitable startups, got off the ground by starting small, testing, and iterating.

The last half of the book takes a closer look at practical growth tactics of successful startups, for example:
✅ Content and Video marketing
✅ Power of MicroTools
✅ Event marketing and using influencers
✅ Using correct monetization strategy for growth

This book does not need to be read cover to cover. Feel free to flip through to chapters that

interest you. Hopefully this book will inspire some future successful startup founders and nudge them off of the starting block. Perhaps you?