The Next Step: The Realities of Funding a Startup Luni Libes Nine out of every ten startups will fail. Want to avoid their mistakes and become part of the 10% that succeed? THE NEXT STEP is the first series to take entrepreneurs step-by-step through the process from raw idea to operational startup.

Each step includes a set of key questions designed to help you build a business plan and pitches for potential investors and customers. Book 5: The Realities of Funding a Startup covers the whole spectrum of funding options, from bootstrapping to crowd funding to angels and venture capital. The book also provides readers with an understanding of what makes investors invest, and it covers what investors expect after an investment has been closed.

The realities of startup funding are not always what entrepreneurs expect (or would like them to be), and this book helps first-time entrepreneurs better understand the complexities of raising startup funding.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to make a change, a new college graduate with a big idea, or a small business owner in need of more structure, this must-read series from serial entrepreneur Luni Libes will help make your idea a profitable reality.