The Startup Community Way: How to Build an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem That Thrives

Brad Feld, Ian Hathaway

How to create a thriving startup ecosystem in a location near you--a practical guide

We are in the midst of a global startup revolution. The proliferation of digital technologies, a rising middle-class, and the quest for sustained economic growth have put entrepreneurship on the map for talent, governments, universities, and corporations everywhere. Along with the widely-recognized opportunity presented by entrepreneurship has come a realization that the success of today`s startups is determined to a large degree by the complex global and uniquely local environments in which they operate. It is the nature of these external factors--and more importantly, the quality of their linkages with each other--that explains why some places are consistently able to produce high-impact entrepreneurship while many other places are not.

No one tells this story better than acclaimed author and investor Brad Feld and Ian Hathaway, an entrepreneurship expert and startup advisor. The Startup Community Way: Evolving an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem--the much-anticipated sequel to Feld`s bestselling book Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City--explores what makes startup communities thrive and how to improve collaboration in rapidly-changing environments.

The Startup Community Way is a governing philosophy for startup communities, rooted in the theory of complex systems and the practice of community-building in many contexts. This book establishes a robust framework and shares lessons from around the globe that illustrate how to create a flourishing startup ecosystem anywhere. Each of the crucial aspects of community-building, such as the organizing principles of community, the attributes of leadership, the goals and values of a startup community, the application of systems thinking, and methods for changing behavior and mindset are discussed in detail. Advancing the practice of building startup communities, this book:

Offers practical, real-world advice for entrepreneurs, community builders, and other stakeholders who want to harness the power of startups in their city Advances a new framework for effective startup community building grounded in complex adaptive systems and systems thinking Discusses the role of key institutions--such as governments, corporations, and universities--in supporting startup communities Explores the value of key stakeholders and why leaders are crucial for bringing communities together Includes contributions from leading entrepreneurial voices in the field The Startup Community Way is a must-have resource for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, C-suite executives, business and community leaders, and anyone wishing to understand how startup communities work anywhere in the world.