The Startup Funding Book

Nicolaj Hojer Nielsen

Are you an entrepreneur, looking for investors take your venture to the next level? Do you want to start a business and wonder where to get the funds?

This book reveals:
* Where to to find investors and the best approaches to win their support
* What investors are really looking for but won`t tell you
* How to persuade banks, business angels, VCs and public funders
* Insider tips for compiling material that satisfies investors
* Little-known strategies that will boost your success

The Startup Funding Book is about building understanding and preparing entrepreneurs for pitching their project to investors. It`s also about what entrepreneurs need to do in order to develop and de-risk their startup project enough for it to become attractive to professional investors.

Written by startup funding expert Nicolaj HOjer Nielsen, this book offers practical solutions and guides you step by step to secure the funds you need for your startup. Nicolaj HOjer Nielsen is a serial entrepreneur and business angel who has been building startups since 1999. He focuses on high potential startups, and has co-founded and invested in 13 companies, primarily within IT. He has experience of securing funding from all possible sources - friends and family, business angels, venture capital funds and public funds. His experience is based on reviewing thousands of different investment opportunities and he knows the fundraising process from both sides of the table.

By reading this book you will learn how investors think. Thinking like an investor will make you a more successful entrepreneur!