The Startup Legal Guide: The Disaster-Free Startup and Fundraising Handbook for Founders and Investors

Jerry Ku, Xu Han

THE STARTUP LEGAL GUIDE is an insider’s guide showing you all you need to know about the startup industry. The authors share their years of expertise and market knowledge to help readers navigate through complicated commercial and legal issues involving startup companies. This guide is written by top lawyers who specialize in helping founders and investors resolve issues in the startup world. No one has better working knowledge of market convention, trends, and pitfalls than startup lawyers in the field. This is truly an “Insider’s Guide”.

In this book you will learn:

  • How to form a company the right way from the very beginning
  • Establishing good corporate governance that saves trouble down the road
  • Issues relating to intellectual property
  • How to set up an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)
  • The different ways to raise money
  • How to survive the due diligence during your fund-raising
  • How valuation is calculated
  • How to navigate through the pitfalls in the funding term sheet
  • The funding documentation roadmap
  • How to find the right lawyer
Get this book today and save yourself thousands of dollars in legal fees and tons of headaches during your startup journey!