TOP 101 Growth Hacks: The best growth hacking ideas that you can put into practice right away

Aladdin Happy

About 5 months each day during 3-5 hours I was collecting from all over the internet (from books, blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, news, and comments) best growth hacks, which inspired me to test them for my startup.

First growth hacks I was compressing into a short form and keeping in a private document. And then the crazy idea hit my head —  establish an e-mail subscription service, that sends every day one short growth hack. This is how was born. After 3 weeks there were 1700 subscribers ($0 marketing cost).

I was reading, choosing tasty growth hacks, I eager to test and implement. After 3 months there were 17 000 subscribers ($0 marketing cost). People from companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, TechStars, Hubspot, Coca-Cola, Indiegogo, Disney, 500 startups, LinkedIn, Adobe became our subscribers. After reaching this milestone I decided to put the best collected growth hacks into a book + add a portion of exclusive growth hacks, never released on

This book consists of two parts:
1. Introduction, how started (+ bonus growth hacks)
2. A list of TOP 101 growth hacks. Divided into AARRR+ sections: Before Product-Market Fit, Hustling, Copywriting, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral:
Before product/market fit
#1. Hack your mindset with CEO of Pinterest
#2. How to get your first customers
#3. Are you sure about your product/market fit?
#4. Leveraging dead competitors
#5. Get emails of followers of your competitors
#6. Tinder`s early days growth hack
#7. Become an alternative to your competitors
#8. The TechCrunch journalists` emails
#9. Find journalists for your startup instantly
#10. Pre-heat the journalists
#11. Hack the Press
#12. Hack Product Hunt
#13. How a $2B company gained its initial users
#14. A copy that converts
#15. 9 cold emailing rules
#16. 7 engaging storytelling formulas
#17. 7 perfect headline formulas
#18. The magic of headlines
#19. Hack persuasive copywriting
#20. Copywriting tip to quadruple conversions
#21. Replace one word to get 90% more clicks
#22. Parasite SEO (white hat)
#23. A real keyword strategy
#24. Hidden early stage growth hack of Airbnb
#25. Turn LinkedIn contacts into a list of emails
#26. I hardly forced myself to share this hack
#27. 200K users a month from long tail phrases
#28. Boost conversions of your Tweets
#29. How to collect emails on Twitter
#30. Hack Twitter
#31. Creating Pinterest pins that drive results
#32. Best growth hack by Laxman Papineni
#33. Which ads perform best for your competitors?
#34. Piggybacking tweak to earn a ROI
#35. Hack ideas for the 2nd largest search engine
#36. Hack Facebook ads
#37. 5 SEO hacks for the 2nd largest search engine
#38. Disrupt the cost of YouTube video marketing
#39. Easy to understand tutorials via email
#40. Boost your email opt-in rate by 22%
#41. Little trick increased conversions by 26%
#42. Evernote’s onboarding framework
#43. Increase email opt-ins by 70% in 5 minutes
#44. Quiz your audience
#45. Drawbacks & competition increase conversions
#46. Negative social proof for persuasion
#47. 10-second trick
#48. How I doubled my app downloads
#49. How typography affects conversions
#50. Save your bounced visitors
#51. Turn invisibles into leads