UX for Lean Startups

Laura Klein

Great user experiences (UX) are essential for products today, but designing one can be a lengthy and expensive process. With this practical, hands-on book, you’ll learn how to do it faster and smarter using Lean UX techniques. UX expert Laura Klein shows you what it takes to gather valuable input from customers, build something they’ll truly love, and reduce the time it takes to get your product to market.

No prior experience in UX or design is necessary to get started. If you’re an entrepreneur or an innovator, this book puts you right to work with proven tips and tools for researching, identifying, and designing an intuitive, easy-to-use product.

Determine whether people will buy your product before you build it
Listen to your customers throughout the product’s lifecycle
Understand why you should design a test before you design a product
Get nine tools that are critical to designing your product
Discern the difference between necessary features and nice-to-haves
Learn how a Minimum Viable Product affects your UX decisions
Use A/B testing in conjunction with good UX practices
Speed up your product development process without sacrificing quality