What Business Should I Start?: 7 Steps to Discovering the Ideal Business for You

Rhonda M. Abrams, Scott Cook

Want to start your own business, but aren`t sure which one to start? Want to find a business that`s right for you--for your interests, skills, and goals--that will also be successful?America`s foremost small-business advice guru Rhonda Abrams offers readers seven steps to identifying the right business for them, from determining their entrepreneurial type with the E-Type(TM) test, to exploring a wide range of business options, including 23 in-depth analyses and a listing of 450 hand-picked businesses ideal for new entrepreneurs. This book is packed with worksheets, resources, and insights from the author`s rich experience in this field. Abrams`s engaging, upbeat style offers inspiration as well as a step-by-step plan to help would-be entrepreneurs find the business of their dreams.From the PublisherMillions of people dream about owning their own business--most never do. This book helps you become one of the fortunate ones who succeeds! Highlights if this book include: - Listing of 463 hand-picked businesses ideal for new entrepreneurs- In-depth info on which businesses make money- Helps you define your aspirations, expectations, and financial goals for your new business- Learn how others have been successful, part-time or full-time- Comprehensive descriptions of E-Types and the best businesses for each- Learn the secrets to increasing your chance of success- Identify your niche and learn how it will make you more money- With a Foreword by Scott Cook, founder of Intuit, makers of Quickbooks!