You Couldn't Have Told Me Before I Started My Business? Jeff Roziere, Cathy Snelgrove You Couldn't Have Told Me This Before I Started My Business is a must read for anyone who is new in or is thinking about starting their own business. Inside the book, you learn about those myths the new and aspiring entrepreneur has either been told or that they believe, which ultimately hold them back from achieving success early in their business. Why not short cut your success and learn from those who have been where you are and who succeeded? Have you struggled to really launch your new business and to create profit? Perhaps you are wondering about launching a new business and are looking for a little guidance. Understand the traps new entrepreneurs fall victim to including; Under financing your start up business; Doing what you know, rather than what you love; Not understanding what you are worth, or how to charge; Believing that your friends and family are going to buy from you; Focusing on the unimportant, instead of making money; Being influenced by people who have never done what you are doing; and Much, much more!!! Save time and money in launching your is as simple as that! You Couldn't Have Told Me This Before I Started My Business is the most important read for any aspiring entrepreneur.