Zero to IPO: Over $1 Trillion Worth of Advice from the World`s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Frederic Kerrest

From the cofounder of a $40 billion software company comes an invaluable guide packed with $1 trillion worth of advice from some of the world`s most successful and recognizable entrepreneurs.Over the past 20 years, as he first worked as an early employee at Salesforce and later cofounded Okta, a publicly traded software company now valued at over $40 billion, Frederic Kerrest met hundreds of business leaders and investors in Silicon Valley and beyond. In Zero to IPO, he`s collected a trove of nitty-gritty tips for each stage of a company`s growth and assembled them into a clear blueprint for how to build a business. The book represents the distilled wisdom of his fellow visionaries and leaders who have collectively built over $1 trillion worth of wealth for themselves and their investors: people like Marc Andreesen and Ben Horowitz (Andreessen Horowitz), Eric Yuan (Zoom), Stewart Butterfield (Slack), Aneel Bhusri (Workday), Julia Hartz (Eventbrite), Aaron Levie (Box), Fred Luddy (ServiceNow), Melanie Perkins (Canva), Patty McCord (Netflix), Sebastien Thrun (Udacity), and dozens of other business luminaries.

Kerrest has battle-tested these ideas himself, so he knows their power. Organized by topic in roughly the order that leaders will encounter them as they scale their businesses, this book is the ultimate guide to taking a company all the way from founding to IPO--and beyond.