Mastering Investor Updates: A Template for Effective Communication.

500 Global Investor Update Template

Message from CEO (Optional):

Brief intro greeting message personalized for investors.

Wins (Highlights):

Good news and progress made since the last update, including goals hit or exceeded, new key hires, product updates, etc. Anything that made the previous month great.

Challenges & Learnings (Lowlights):

Most difficult moments and lessons learned from the last update and steps taken to address these challenges.

Priorities Next Month/Quarter:

What 1-5 things is the company focused on next month or quarter?

Key Metrics:

Key metrics should offer valuable insights into how they have evolved over time. Presenting them in tables or charts is recommended for better data visualization. However, presenting them in bulleted points is also acceptable if you are pressed for time.
  • Revenue
  • Expressed Monthly or Quarterly
  • Benchmark against last month or quarter
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Direct costs associated with the production or delivery of the products or services your company sells. For SaaS or software startups, COGS may include costs like server expenses, third-party services, and customer support. For companies with physical products, COGS generally consists of manufacturing costs such as raw materials and labor. Provide figures in US dollars (USD).
  • Benchmark against last months or quarters
  • Operating Expenses (Including SG&A)
  • Costs to sell your product and run your business. This encompasses overhead costs and SG&A expenses like rent, utilities, marketing, sales (including commission) and executive salaries. Provide in (USD).
  • Benchmark against last months or quarters
  • Cash in Bank

    • USD or USD-equivalent at the end of the quarter or month
    • Benchmark against last months or quarters
  • Months of Runway

    • How many months does your business have cash for?
    • Benchmark against last months or quarters
  • Burn Rate

    • Amount of money a company loses in the month or quarter (Revenue – COGS – all other Expenses)
    • Benchmark against last months or quarters
  • Total Headcount

    • Across All Teams/Departments
    • Benchmark against last months or quarters
  • Total Active Users

    • Benchmark against last months or quarters

Special thanks to team members and investors who have gone above and beyond.


Leverage investors for strategic asks. Specific asks that investors can efficiently respond to by drawing on their networks, experience, and advice.


If currently fundraising or planning to fundraise in the near future, update on the fundraise.