Template: Investor Update Email

By James Alexander - Founder at Galileo Ventures

Hi all,

This is <StartupABC> update email for <month>.

StartupABC Refresher: 1 sentence pitch to refresh everyone on what you do.


[1-5 Core metrics/points is fine. This section should act as your quick summary the health of your business. For investors its vital to see how you're doing and for advisors its great to inform the advice they will give you.]

  • Monthly Sales Revenue
  • Cash in bank
  • Monthly burn
  • Growth metrics e.g. signups, new customers, product engagement
  • Tech/R&D Progress e.g. suitable for deep-tech startups etc.
  • List your top 3-5 highlights, 1 sentence each (expand on anything significant in a separate area if required)

  • List your top 3 challenges here. This is where your investors and advisors will at a glance be able to see and think about what they could help you with.

  • 3-5 goals for next month. Think about covering all functions of the business e.g. Point on sales/customers, product and team.


[Super important section to include. This is where people can directly help out and feel good when they do]

  • 1-3 top asks for your advisors and investors e.g. introduction to new hire or expert on a topic

  • Publicly acknowledge the people who help you within the group (Creates a bit of competitiveness but also promotes the goodwill among your network) e.g. Thanks to Michelle for the advice on our pricing, it helped increase our margins!

Super awesome founder