Feel the Boot investor update letter template V 1.0

Monthly Recap - February

Hi [[name]],

After a brief moment to catch our breath, we've been back at it, making significant progress on both technical and commercial fronts. The next three months are focused on delivering the next major revision of the product.

THE ONE BIG THING - Framulator v1.6 outperforms competition by 10X.

As we have iterated on the first full version of Framulator, our advantage over the competition continues to increase.

Our latest pilot demonstrated more than ten times the output of FramTacular and twelve times BetterFrams.

Additionally, the latest release includes the ability to framulate the gizmos in a five way parallel pipeline.


Framulator Inc. provides the industry’s fastest and most cost-effective solution for framulating gizmos. Our patented framulation technology allows our customers to scale to previously inconceivable levels. We sell our Framulator devices along with long-term support and services contracts for predictable and reliable high margin revenues.


Following the expected seasonal dip over the holidays, we have seen sales return to the previous 25% MoM growth rate.

We have $1.4M booked so far this year with an additional $3.2M in commitments and another $27M in the pipeline.

1 to 5 Performance Summary Ratings (no 3's - it's either good or it isn't):

4 (from 4) - Runway - We've got 6 months remaining with a burn rate of $32K/mo as we launch our new funding round. Expenses are growing as we scale, but we expect revenues to rise in parallel.

4 (from 3) - Team - The recent growth is beginning to stress team capacity. We'll be looking to add to our technical staff in the upcoming months, and we've added several administrative team members to allow further focus on core competencies.

5 (from 4) - Product - Framulator v1.6 is producing amazing results and preliminary testing on the 2.0 version coming out in Q2 shows an additional doubling in capacity and speed.

4 (from 5) - Traction - We have 1.2 million weekly active users, growing 25% MoM with a 1% monthly churn rate and a 10% conversion to paying subscribers.

The 132,000 subscribers are generating $900k/month in reliable revenues. Our $2.53 CAC makes this an incredibly profitable business model with 88% margins.

2 (from 2) - Fundraising - We are getting positive feedback on our initial investor meetings but finding it difficult to schedule the number of meetings we planned. We targeted twenty investor meetings each week, but have only managed to hold five. We need help with introductions to investors and feedback on our outreach emails.

By the numbers

Active Pipeline: $27M
Probabilistically Adjusted: $8.2M
Booked Revenue: $1.4M
Realized Revenue: $435K


We presented on the main stage at SXSW on Monday to a crowd of 25k! We saw an immediate spike in web visits and signups. We also received twenty five unsolicited contacts from interested angel and VC investors. In the next update I will have details on the impact of this PR effort. We are excited to introduce our new CTO Alice Supertech, who previously developed time travel devices for Dr. Who enterprises. Reach out to say hi! alice.s@framulator.com LinkedIn.

Our development work was delayed several days when a super-villain in our co-working space released a swarm of zombie rats. We have located new space and will be moving in the next week before the zombie cat experiments start.


Complete and ship Framulator 2.0 by the end of Q2

Close the $5 million seed round within 90 days.


I am looking for warm intros to seed stage VC's with a track record in the gizmo framulation space. If there is someone you think I should talk to, please let me know and I'll send you a forwardable email with a link to our investment memo.

As you can see, we are making fantastic progress on the milestones we set out in our last round. If you are potentially interested in participating in the current round, let me know and I will share the term sheet and a link to the deal room.

I'm also looking for introductions to founders who have raised a $3-5M seed in the aforementioned spaces to get feedback on our current materials and fundraising process. I'm looking for a 15 minute meeting with these individuals.

As always, thank you for your support.


Bob Founderguy

Bob Founderguy | Founder/CEO