Kima Ventures Investor Update Template

Hey all - Hope all is well! Here is a quick recap of [month].

  • MRR: $X (+Y%)
  • ARR: $X
  • Customers: X (+Y%)
  • Net churn: Y% or -Y% (when upsell > churn)
  • Visit to signup: X% (+Y%)
  • Signup to paying: X% (+Y%)
  • NPS: X (-Y%)

Need You For
  • Recruiting head of …: Click to share (FB/LK/TW). Click to refer someone (typeform link)
  • Issue with … If you have a good “type of person” in your network, we need her/him for “tralala”. Please refer him/her to us: click to find out now on your Linkedin (link to linkedin advanced search result). Make a screenshot with the names or refer them to us :)
  • Thanks… for… You rock!

Bad & Ugly News
  • Our fault:
  • Someone’s fault:
  • Market shitstorm!

Good & Great News
  • Great new hire:
  • Great new process:
  • Great new win:

  • PR, Culture, Fun Facts