Investor update email example template

By Mindset Health
Hey everyone,

Mindset Health helps people manage health conditions with app-based hypnotherapy.

Our Core Metrics

-Monthly listens: XXX listens, +XX% MoM
-Cash in Bank: ~$XXX USD
-Monthly Burn: $XXX USD


-Hiring: we've hired a junior engineer (has been fantastic) and about to hire a XXX

-Growth: we reached positive ROI with our web funnel, which helped drive strong revenue and engagement growth.

-Product: we launched the Android version of XXX with the new voice and variable sessions.

-Research: we've begun discussions with XXXXX on how we'd structure a retrospective study on Nerva with XXXX University.


-Hiring: The XXX who is contracting with us expressed interest in working remote moving forward. We don't want our early team to be remote so he's remained as a contractor for now.

-Product: XXXXX launch was quite buggy which hurt early user's experience, although it's now much more stable.

-Focus: Split focus continues to hurt XXXX until we build the framework product that unifies resources.

A few of our learnings

-Management: Based on team feedback, we need a more structured onboarding process and greater written communication.

-Facebook Audiences: We figured out how to target the right audience in FB ads to improve ROI.

-Clinical research: Running a XXXX doesn't get us reimbursement or approval, just marketing. We can accomplish a similar result with XXX significantly faster and cheaper.

Our Focus For Next Month

-Brand: rollout the brand redesign across the web.Content: Adding new XXXX sessions and XXXX program depth (written content etc).

-Product: Build feature depth for XXX and replace iOS version with XXXX.

-Growth: Getting users to refer/inform their healthcare practitioners.

-Hiring: Growth marketer and a senior engineer.


We'd love intro's to any *wicked* smart analytical people for our growth marketer role (no marketing experience required) and senior/mid engineers with React experience.


-XXXX Incredible team onboarding and culture building advice.

-XXXX Intro to a web design contractor and helpful feedback on processes, planning, strategy and updates.

-XXXX Valuable SEO advice on link building and sprints.

-XXXX Helpful advice around employee equity, investor management and press strategy.

-XXXX Provided Australian remuneration data that helped us decide on salary/equity for new hires.

-XXXX Intro'd us to an Apple App Store expert.

As always, everyone else who’s been generous with their time, connections and support!


Alex & Chris