Y Combinator Investor Update Template

Hey all,

It’s been an awesome, but intense, [summer/fall/winter/spring]. Many things are tracking well, but there are some challenges we could use your help with (more below).

As always, I've included charts for our revenue growth, cash on hand, and burn rate.
  • Revenue with Change %: X$, Y% MoM
  • Cash on Hand: X$
  • Burn Rate: X$

How You Can Help
  • We have some problems with [Product Initiative]. We are lacking experience in [X]. Can you recommend a [Mentor/Partner/etc.] to come in and help (this can be a paid coaching position)?
  • I have been approached by a VC who wants to potentially pre-empt a [Series X]. How do I best deal with this?
  • We have lost 2 important [customers/potential customers] due to [X]. Can any of you spare some time to talk through our positioning statements and sales process?
  • I am worried that [key competitor X] has just closed a [$X Round] (see here for more info), how shall we best deal with this (if at all)?
Quick Recap
  • A quick qualitative recap of how your month went. Be as quick and to the point as possible here. The point is to have your investors read the entire update and offer help.