Crafting Valuable Investor Updates: A How-To For Startups

By Emilie Pires - Zeni AIInvestor Update Email Example
To Our Valued Shareholders —

Here’s a quick update on our monthly progress. See attached document for more details.

  • Customer growth. We've seen a sizable uptick in growth this past month (12% vs. 5% MoM), most likely due to the targeted marketing of our newest feature.
  • KPI #2 + brief description
  • KPI #3 + brief description

Company Highlights
  • We convinced coveted developer Jane Smith to leave her longtime corporate employer to join our growing team. (She says she loves the culture here!)
  • Highlight #2
  • Highlight #3

  • While our latest feature has brought in many new customers, this has also stressed our servers and led to unexpected downtime. We're currently working overtime to add capacity and address customer complaints.
  • Challenge #2
  • Challenge #3

What We Need from You:
  • We've reached max bandwidth due to our rapid growth — a great problem to have. So we need to start a search for a COO. Do you have anyone in your network that would be a good fit for our team?

As always, I’m open to any questions or feedback you have.


John Doe CEO