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Investor nameLocationsMarketsInvestment countInvestment amountLinkedinEmailDetails
Alan MatthewChicago, Brazil, Peru, and 1 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Digital Media, and 22 more...29 investments$25K to $250KRedactedRedactedDetails
Sergio RomoNew York City, San Francisco, Brazil, and 8 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, E-Commerce, and 5 more...36 investments$10K to $50KRedactedRedactedDetails
Andres FontaoBrazil, Europe, South America, and 7 more...Financial Services, Finance, Finance Technology, and 3 more...RedactedRedactedDetails
Alexandre C. R. LiuzziSilicon Valley, New York City, Brazil, and 4 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Financial Services, and 6 more...1 investmentRedactedRedactedDetails
Derek FooterBrazil, San Diego, Orange County, and 27 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, and 4 more...RedactedRedactedDetails
Andres BarretoNew York City, San Francisco, Chile, and 7 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Online Travel, and 4 more...30 investments$10K to $50KRedactedRedactedDetails
Michael HennesseySilicon Valley, New York City, San Francisco, and 13 more...Mobile, SaaS, Analytics, and 12 more...21 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Deb Gerardi KemperBoston, China, New England, and 1 more...Mobile, Enterprise Software, Clean Technology, and 5 more...19 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Patrick WakehamSilicon Valley, New York City, Miami, and 13 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Local, and 20 more...27 investments$5K to $250KRedactedRedactedDetails
Maximiliano De MuroMiami, Chile, Spain, and 3 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, SaaS, and 13 more...5 investments$10K to $250KRedactedRedactedDetails