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Investor nameLocationsMarketsInvestment countInvestment amountLinkedinEmailDetails
Jon Funk - Ocean Road PartnersLos Angeles, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, and 3 more...Mobile, Cloud Computing, Internet, and 4 more...9 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Mike PanesisLos Angeles, Santa Monica, Austin, and 18 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Online Travel, and 28 more...18 investments$5K to $25KRedactedRedactedDetails
Matthew StottsLos Angeles, Santa Monica, San Diego, and 11 more...SaaS, Advertising, Financial Services, and 8 more...4 investments$5K to $50KRedactedRedactedDetails
Alon GorenNew York, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and 7 more...Consumer Internet, Social Media, Enterprise Software, and 7 more...3 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Monte WilsonSilicon Valley, New York City, Los Angeles, and 3 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, and 5 more...RedactedRedactedDetails
Carlo SoraccoSilicon Valley, Los Angeles, San Diego, and 3 more...Consumer Internet, Consumer Goods, Sales Automation, and 1 more...RedactedRedactedDetails
Asher LeidsSilicon Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and 4 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, E-Commerce, and 6 more...16 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Wayne WillisSilicon Valley, Los Angeles, VenturaPersonal Health, Beauty10 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Farooq HassanChicago, New York City, San Francisco, and 18 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, and 13 more...1 investmentRedactedRedactedDetails
Matthew GraczykLos Angeles, VenturaConsumer Internet, E-Commerce, Enterprise Software, and 7 more...8 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails