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Stephen G. Barr


San Diego County, Prescott, Boise, Ketchum, Bellevue, Sun Valley, Earth, Palm Springs, Philadelphia, Santa Fe, Sausalito, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Huntington Beach, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, San Pedro de Cajas, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Orange County, Redlands, Yorba Linda, Irvine, San Bernardino, Riverside, Blythe, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, West Hollywood, Temecula, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Calabasas, Honolulu, Sonoma Valley, Scottsdale, Naples, New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Santa Rosa, San Diego, San Francisco, Colorado, Silicon Valley, North America, Rochester, Rancho Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, Las Vegas, Palm Desert, San Fernando, Los Angeles, Phoenix


Professional Networking Hardware + Software Construction Europe Logistics User Experience Design Agriculture Ecommerce Beauty Curated Web Hospitality Mobile Application Internet of Things Subscription Businesses Entrepreneur Manufacturing Green Apps Event Management Project Management Legal Content Discovery Travel & Tourism Human Resources Mobile Health Music Services Big Data Analytics Restaurants Crowdfunding Energy Automotive Events Finance Travel Design All Markets Enterprises Health and Wellness Mobile Payments Social Media Marketing Bridging Online and Offline Advertising Platforms Online Travel Food and Beverages Consumers Journalism Video Online Video Advertising Mobile Games Mobile Advertising Big Data Health Care Information Technology Marketplaces Sports Music Retail Social Media Advertising Personal Branding Graphics Internet Marketing Men Business Analytics Professional Services Document Management Contact Management Nightlife Career Management Incubators Identity Sustainability Predictive Analytics Cloud Infrastructure Social Search Online Shopping Classifieds Consulting Privacy Online Gaming Market Research Entertainment Industry Art Business Productivity Cloud Data Services Web Development Startups Business Services Technology Ventures for Good B2B Demographies Sales and Marketing Platforms Media Real Estate Entertainment Fashion Linux Small and Medium Businesses Mobile Commerce Cloud Computing E-Commerce Financial Services Healthcare SaaS Consumer Internet Blogging Platforms Social Bookmarking Social Media Monitoring Online Dating Deep Information Technology Information Technology Fuels Algorithms Nanotechnology Facebook Applications Twitter Applications Local Coupons Location Based Services Social Innovation Private Social Networking Elder Care Teenagers Angels Analytics Emerging Markets Clean Energy Transportation Green Consumer Goods Recruiting Ad Targeting Humanitarian K-12 Education Lead Generation Performance Marketing Life Sciences Clean Technology Enterprise Software Mobile Advertising Social Media Platforms Social Media Games Education Internet Digital Media Social Network Media Nonprofits Politics Public Relations Adult Social Games Social Commerce

Investment count: 13 investments

Investment amount: $5K to $50K

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Bryan Stolle

Investment count: 3 investments

Investment amount: $50K to $250K

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Kapil Sharma


M2M Biometrics Landscaping Ediscovery Data Privacy Serious Games Network Security Energy IT Concentrated Solar Power Social + Mobile + Local Civil Engineers Simulation Fortune100 HR Divisions Lingerie Green Advertising Debt Collecting Trusted Networks Experience Design Gold Natural Gas Uses Early-Stage Technology Assisted Living Electrical Distribution Radical Breakthrough Startups Funeral Industry Prediction Markets Pre Seed Cable Cloud Security Lotteries African-American Marijuana Moneymaking Data Center Infrastructure Low Bid Auctions Mobile Software Tools Archiving Procurement Farmers Market Industrial Energy Efficiency Physical Security Lead Management Shared Services Contact Centers Field Support Services Group Email B2B Express Delivery Text Analytics Chemicals Enterprise Application Hunting Industry Textiles Audiobooks Generation Y-Z Niche Specific Virtual Desktop Social Media Advertising Cloud Gaming Internet Technology Cyber Security Child Care Early Stage IT Certification Test Made in Italy Synchronization Mothers Land Developers Social Buying Guide to Nightlife DOD/Military Brewing Invention Government Schools Alumni Gadget Humanitarian Nutraceutical Interface Design Gift Exchange Oil & Gas mHealth Aquaculture Music Venues Fuels Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Shoes Carbon Insurance Companies Indoor Positioning Realtors Renewable Tech Postal and Courier Services Doctors Building Products Senior Health Charities Lifestyle Businesses Enterprise 2.0 Consumer Behavior SNS Business Development Boating Industry Industrial Automation Engineering Firms Commodities Organic Skill Gaming FreetoPlay Gaming ICT Cars Opinions Water Purification Monetization Online Identity Intellectual Property Rehabilitation English Speaking World Collectibles Hardware + Software Local Search Micro-Enterprises Private School Handmade Brokers Mobility Social Opinion Platform Health and Insurance MicroBlogging Google Apps Independent Music Labels Reading Apps Innovation Management Music Education Lighting Office Space Commercial Solar Credit Cards Computers Mobile Social Mobile Emergency&Health Exercise Smart Building Medical Professionals High Tech Physicians Dietary Supplements Information Security Risk Management Disruptive Models Designers Farming Outdoor Advertising Diagnostics Virtual Workforces Internet of Things Employer Benefits Programs Staffing Firms Licensing Gay & Lesbian Market Career Planning Data Integration Textbooks Taxis Billing Social Business Healthcare Services Hedge Funds App Discovery Coffee IaaS Mobile Video Virtual Currency Console Gaming Cause Marketing Nanotechnology High Schools Corporate IT Law Enforcement Social Innovation Performing Arts Coworking Content Creators Material Science Nightclubs Quantified Self Virtualization Human Resource Automation Unifed Communications Local Commerce Industrial Gift Registries Men Geospatial Architecture Franchises Leisure Craft Beer Cooking Green Building Gps DIY Local Based Services Stock Exchanges Enterprise Security MMO Games Direct Sales Interior Design Communications Infrastructure Online Auctions Public Transportation Homeland Security Data Visualization Self Development Supply Chain Management Match-Making Non Profit Mobile Analytics Auctions Recycling Environmental Innovation Home Renovation Government Innovation IT Management Cosmetics Nutrition Business Travelers Elder Care Contact Management Property Management Translation Public Safety Celebrity Point of Sale Price Comparison Active Lifestyle Emerging Markets Business Analytics Discounts Concerts PaaS Outsourcing Home Decor Personal Branding Natural Resources VoIP Internet Radio Home Owners Creative Internet Marketing Artists Globally Colleges Distribution Professional Services Graphics Charity Interest Graph Audio Renewable Energies Gift Card Online Rental Knowledge Management Networking Broadcasting Banking Document Management Identity Insurance Lifestyle Career Management Public Relations File Sharing Freelancers Online Reservations Social Search Logistics Online Scheduling Content Delivery Promotional Personalization Corporate Training Film Distribution Customer Service Defense Aerospace Lifestyle Products EBooks Employment Hotels Gambling Cloud-Based Music China Internet Creative Industries Web Hosting Investment Management Classifieds Musicians Mass Customization Real Estate Investors Nightlife Pets Incubators Information Services Governments Digital Entertainment College Campuses Online Gaming Local Businesses Predictive Analytics User Experience Design Independent Music Construction Cloud Infrastructure Social Network Media Collaborative Consumption Educational Games Business Productivity Market Research Consumers Cloud Data Services Entrepreneur Event Management Hospitality Beauty Mechanical Solutions UHB LEDs New Technologies BPO Services Logistics Company Governance Bio-Pharm Fleet Management Genetic Testing News Heathcare Film Production Online Shopping Subscription Businesses Project Management Consulting Nonprofits Manufacturing Human Resources Big Data Analytics Mobile Health Green Business Services Art Content Discovery Music Services Apps Entertainment Industry Travel & Tourism Technology Web Development Restaurants Energy B2B Events Life Sciences Real Estate Clean Technology Demographies Entertainment Small and Medium Businesses Finance Healthcare Sales and Marketing Education Enterprises Media

Investment count: 1 investment

Investment amount:

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