Advanced Materials Investors

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Investor nameLocationsMarketsInvestment countInvestment amountLinkedinEmailDetails
Dan ChristmanSilicon ValleyMobile, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, and 5 more...7 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Ted AlbrechtSt. LouisSaaS, Small and Medium Businesses, Enterprise Software, and 83 more...39 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Joe CarusoSilicon Valley, Boston, MassachusettsMobile, SaaS, Analytics, and 9 more...136 investments$5K to $50KRedactedRedactedDetails
Matt DunbarUnited States, South CarolinaMobile, Digital Media, SaaS, and 22 more...34 investments$1K to $50KRedactedRedactedDetails
Robin PimentelLos Angeles, Orange County, Newport Beach, and 4 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Social Media, and 23 more...35 investments$1K to $100KRedactedRedactedDetails
Peter LeeSouthern California, Los Angeles, Agoura Hills, and 2 more...Robotics, Cyber Security, Advanced Materials, and 1 more...21 investments$1K to $5KRedactedRedactedDetails
Rob TaylorTexas, Dallas, Austin, and 1 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Clean Technology, and 11 more...11 investments$5K to $50KRedactedRedactedDetails
Charlie PintoSilicon Valley, New York City, San Francisco, and 3 more...Enterprise Software, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and 15 more...15 investments$5K to $10KRedactedRedactedDetails
Robert Zeches, Ph.D.Silicon Valley, Chicago, San Francisco, and 2 more...Robotics, Internet of Things, Nanotechnology, and 3 more...12 investments$1K to $1MRedactedRedactedDetails
Fred HaubensakSan Francisco, Northern California, United States, and 2 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, and 3 more...5 investments$5K to $25KRedactedRedactedDetails