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Investor nameLocationsMarketsInvestment countInvestment amountLinkedinEmailDetails
Rick WittenbrakerNew York, Texas, United Kingdom, and 14 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Social Media, and 15 more...59 investments$1K to $5KRedactedRedactedDetails
Scott BelskyNew York, New York City, San FranciscoDigital Media, Social Media, E-Commerce, and 6 more...64 investments$5K to $100KRedactedRedactedDetails
Greg DeanSilicon Valley, San FranciscoMobile, Consumer Internet, E-Commerce, and 12 more...4 investments$1K to $10KRedactedRedactedDetails
Norman MeisnerNew York, Boston, Massachusetts, and 1 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Digital Media, and 14 more...23 investments$1K to $250KRedactedRedactedDetails
Bob MasonBoston, CambridgeMobile, Consumer Internet, Digital Media, and 22 more...20 investments$5K to $100KRedactedRedactedDetails
Patrick WakehamSilicon Valley, New York City, Miami, and 13 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Local, and 20 more...27 investments$5K to $250KRedactedRedactedDetails
Rob TaylorTexas, Dallas, Austin, and 1 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Clean Technology, and 11 more...11 investments$5K to $50KRedactedRedactedDetails
Sundeep AhujaSilicon Valley, San Francisco, Santa Monica, and 1 more...Mobile, Social Media, E-Commerce, and 11 more...24 investments$1K to $5KRedactedRedactedDetails
James MattoxUnited States, WisconsinMobile, E-Commerce, Advertising, and 15 more...11 investments$25K to $250KRedactedRedactedDetails
Jay StakelonLos AngelesMobile, Consumer Internet, Digital Media, and 6 more...3 investments$1K to $5KRedactedRedactedDetails