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Investor nameLocationsMarketsInvestment countInvestment amountLinkedinEmailDetails
Josh StylmanSilicon Valley, New York City, San FranciscoMobile, Consumer Internet, Social Media, and 26 more...30 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Joe ColangeloSilicon Valley, New York City, San Francisco, and 2 more...Financial Services, Sales and Marketing, Bitcoin, and 7 more...3 investments$1K to $25KRedactedRedactedDetails
Joseph KerleySilicon Valley, Chicago, SeattleMobile, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, and 3 more...RedactedRedactedDetails
Zachary LucidoNew York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and 3 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, SaaS, and 19 more...51 investments$1K to $5KRedactedRedactedDetails
Dennis O`ConnorNew York City, San Francisco, Texas, and 7 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Social Commerce, and 8 more...2 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Thomas MarcheselloChicago, New York City, San Francisco, and 23 more...E-Commerce, Financial Services, Marketplaces, and 33 more...8 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Smoke WallinUnited States, IndianapolisConsumer Internet, Healthcare, Food and Beverages, and 2 more...6 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Craig GoosNew York City, ConnecticutMobile, Consumer Internet, Financial Services, and 9 more...2 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Eric AnschutzSilicon Valley, San Francisco, Northern California, and 8 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, and 19 more...23 investments$1K to $500KRedactedRedactedDetails
Jerry FernholzBig Data, Enterprise Software, Bridging Online and Offline, and 6 more...5 investments$1K to $5KRedactedRedactedDetails