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Investor nameLocationsMarketsInvestment countInvestment amountLinkedinEmailDetails
Salem Almasrahi (Entrepreneur)Silicon Valley, New York City, Asia, and 10 more...Digital Media, Social Media, Social Media Platforms, and 6 more...1 investmentRedactedRedactedDetails
Psakhis BorisEarth, DetroitMobile, SaaS, Enterprise Software, and 5 more...5 investments$1K to $25KRedactedRedactedDetails
Ryan A. BurnsNew York City, San Francisco, Boston, and 8 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Restaurants, and 12 more...4 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Eric LeanderNew York City, Boston, Texas, and 11 more...Big Data, Small and Medium Businesses, Enterprise Software, and 18 more...5 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Derek SchuerenNew York, Silicon Valley, New York City, and 1 more...Consumer Internet, Small and Medium Businesses, Enterprise Software, and 7 more...7 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Mario CostanzNew York, United States, Miami BeachMobile, Consumer Internet, Social Media, and 6 more...2 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
VINCE FERRAROSilicon Valley, San Francisco, Southern California, and 7 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, E-Commerce, and 17 more...1 investmentRedactedRedactedDetails
Justin KullaNew York, New York City, San Francisco, and 7 more...Consumer Internet, Digital Media, Social Media, and 41 more...5 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
Betsy PetersPortlandMobile, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, and 9 more...2 investmentsRedactedRedactedDetails
David LewisSilicon Valley, New York City, Dallas, and 3 more...Mobile, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, and 3 more...4 investments$10K to $50KRedactedRedactedDetails